10 Best Career Choice in Technology Space as per Times of India Report


Technology as a career is always the first choice among young graduates. High perks and opportunity for growth attract the youngsters to choose technology as a career. Options in technology space are wide due to innovation in technology. Technolgy simplifying day to day lifestyle and helping the people to live life better. Times of India comes with a report for 10 Best Career Choice in technology space. 

10 best career choice in technology10 Best Career Choice in Technology Space for 2016:-

As per TOI Report, Data Scientist is the best job for 2016. Below is the list of Best career choice in Technology for 2016.

  1. Data Scientist 
  2. Solutions Architect
  3. Mobile Developer
  4. Product manager
  5. Software Engineer
  6. Analytic Manager
  7. Software Development Manager
  8. QA Manager
  9. UX Designer
  10. Software Architect 

Data is the Future, Every company needs Data Scientist to understand the data for better Business solutions. In coming future, there must be a creation of huge demand for data Scientist.

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The software is a key tool for day to day life. Going forward every problem will depend on software for the solutions. Software Developer, UX Designer, Software Engineer, Software Architect will have a good future for coming days in career space.

Read complete report here.

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