10 Tips to Improve your English Knowledge

improve your English Knowledge

English is essential for every job. You must read, Write and Understand English in better to perform every job. To improve your English Knowledge you must dedicate some time to a schedule.

Yes, you have to improve your English knowledge to achieve anything and everything.

To Improve your English knowledge you have to follow certain principle and techniques.

10 Tips to Improve your English KnowledgeLet’s Follow 10 Tips From Dr. Roman Saini, Co-Founder Unacademy. He is the youngest IAS officer and also having an MBBS Degree from AIIMS. He is an Educator, Motivator for IAS aspirants across India.

I found these techniques are essential to Improve your English Knowledge, Even I am following the same Tips to improve my English Knowledge.

Will suggest you, enroll the course of Unacademy and Improve your English Power.

Tips 1: Read Editorials of the News Paper and Magazines 

Reading editorials in the Newspaper and magazines will improve your word power. He Suggests us Editorial of  The Hindu is more effective for you.

  • Every day try to read Editorials and extract the Keywords from it one by one.
  • Write the meanings of the Keywords by using any of the Dictionary
  • A daily collection of 10 to 15 words will build your Vocabulary

Tips 2: Use Google Dictionary or Download Free Kindle Apps

Google Dictionary is the best tools to find meaning. No need to carry hefty Dictionary Book every time to know the meaning of the word. You can download for your Mobile and Google Chrome Extention to know at the time of reading the article or Editorials.

How to Improve your English Proficiency through STEP?

It is the best tools I always used at the time of reading the article on my Mobile and Laptop.

The Kindle app is also best tools to know the meaning of the words at the time of reading PDF format. By double-clicking the word easily you can see the meaning of it.

A free version of Kindly App is available to use. Try to read every PDF file through this app, will be easy to understand.

Tips 3: English News, Movies, TV Series 

Enterterminent is the best way to learn anything.

By watching English News, Movies and TV series will improve your English power. Always focus on the dialog that they are delivering. Try to replicate and pronounce on your own. If you follow the

Try to replicate and pronounce on your own. If you follow the rhythm, you can easily remember the word and feelings and feelings will help you to memorize the word for the long term.

Top 3 YouTube Channel for Competitive English Preparation

You just focus the English words they are using along with the complete sentence. And try to understand the word with the situation.

I bet you if you, daily watch the English News Channel, definitely your English word power will increase.

Tips 4: Music 

Rather than listen to Hindi or regional Music, try to listen to USA and UK Music. At the time of listening, focus on words and meaning of it.

Daily practice to listen 2 to 3 songs at leisure time which will decrease your stress level along with the increase of mood to study.

At the same time, you can able to learn a few words which will be the part of your word strength.

Tips 5: Apps, Social Media, Blogs 

Try to use your Social media presence completely in English, not in regional languages. Make a practice to give comment in English only.

In other Apps and Blogs, try to give Comments after reading it completely. Your open comment in English will give you confidence in the language.

Participate Question Answer platform like Quora to answer. This will improve your English Skill as well as you can learn something from it.

Tips 6: Converse in English 

This is the technique I am trying my School time. We do group discussion in English to Improve communication skills.

Try to debate, discuss in English with friends at least 1 hour daily on current topics. You can choose a topic from Education, Movie, Cricket, Current News, politics. That will give you the power of delivery of words in the right manner.

In the debate and discussion, you will realize your mistakes if you make. Don’t be shy to make a mistake in front of your friends. Because they are the only to enjoy the

Tips 7: Think in English 

Before we speak, we always think it in our mind in our own regional language and it is autonomous.

If you want to increase your English Knowledge, try to think in English rather than in regional language.

Thinking in English release the power of the word to your mouth to speak.

Force your mind to thin in English, you will see the difference in few days, How your mind will start delivering the English Fluently.

Tips 8: Make a Sentence 

I am happy that you are convinced to increase your word power by reading Editorials. If you read daily, you can able to start building your word strength in your mind.

Then you have to find out the meaning of the word by Google Dictionary.

Ok! Now you have lots of words with their meaning.

After learning a word, try to make a sentence by the same word. It will give you to know the right usages of the particular word.

Building a sentence with the new word will help you to remember the word for a long time.

Tips 9: Write 100 Words Every Day

Writing 100 words daily basis will increase your word power. Try to write every day and make a habit.

If you are not finding any words to write, just write your thought, How is your Day or anything that comes to your mind.

You can write about Favourite movie, Games or any topic that you like most. You can write the answer on Quora or participate in the forum and write long comments.

This practice will improve your writing Skills and minimize Grammatical mistakes.

Tips 10: Be Patient, Make Mistake 

Don’t frustrate, keep trying. Nothing will happen overnight, you have to try more and more and give time to it.

Try to take feedback from your Friends and near ones which will help you to realize your mistakes and keep work on it.


Improving English knowledge is not a one-day Affair. Every day add small learning to build a better wall of English Knowledge.

English is the language by which you can do anything. If you have good English power you can earn money by doing some internet work also.

Best of Luck!

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