13 Year Odisha Girl Wins Google Science Fair 2015 Award


Reward and recognization are the tools which improve creativity and create excitement to do better. It’s proud to Odisha state that a 13 year old  Sripada Srisai Lalita Prasida has owned the Community Impact Award at Google Science Fair 2015. She owned the award for her water purifying project, which create the impact.

Sripada Srisai Lalita Prasida is the student of DPS, Damanjodi, Odisha. She owned the prize money of $10,000 along with support and mentoring to build the project for use.

Sripada Srisai Lalita PrasidaImage Source: Business Insider

It’s an innovative project by her which will impact to nature. She used waste corn cobs to purify the water for domestic and Industrial Use by the principle of adsorption.

As per her study Corn, cobs can be used in drain pipes in different layers to absorb the waste and suspended particle from the waste water. Same can be used in a larger scale for the Industrial use.

In India, corn cobs are widely available and not monetized well. If that can be used for this kind of project, it will add life to the farmers.

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