Good News : 1300 Free Schools will be set up by Azim Premji Foundation


Azim Premji FoundationIt’s good news for the Education sector, as 1300 Free Schools will be set up by Azim Premji Foundation soon. The foundation is run by India’s 3rd Richest Man the owner of Software company Wipro.

As per Times of India Report, the foundation plans to set up 1300 schools across the country – 2 per every District which will be completely free of Cost. And all the schools will be affiliated to the state board.

All the schools will be set up to provide education from preschools to class 12th.

The Schools will focus on overall development of the student including their Nutrition and health.

In the starting year, 7 schools will start in Karnataka, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, and Chatisgaragh within a year and 1300 schools will be set up and run by 2025.

The Unique Aim of the project will create social Pressure for other Schools to follow and provide quality education to the students.

Schools are the main Foundation for Education and the school edy=ucation is hijacked by the private players with a high cost. Also, Govt schools are not delivering a right way of education due to a shortage of teachers in every school.

Nobody is ready to join as a teacher to teach in School due to low pay package and unavailability of facilities.

We need this kind of revolution in Education sector to improve our economy and that has to start now.

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