3 New Medical college in Orissa by 12th 5 Year Plan


In 12th 5Year Plan , the center has given permission to open 3 new  medical college in Orissa. It will add new Doctors to the Orissa.  To Establish the New Medical College , Center will provide 75% of the funds and rest 25 % will be contribute by the State Govt.

The New Medical College will have 100 seats each.

Balasore, Koraput and Balangir will be the new destination for New Medical college in Orissa. All those new Medical College will build up with initial investment of Rs 189 Crore each . All the District Medicals are attached to these Medical college for practice and study.

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These medical college are purposed by the center scheme and under this scheme 58 New medical college would be established through out the country by 2017.

The New Medical college will add vale to the Health care system in Orissa .

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