5 Best Mobile Apps For Banking preparation


Now your Android Device is not just for Calling and Messaging, it also gives you accessibility for your Education. Here will discuss 5 Best Mobile Apps for Banking preparation which help you to prepare your Competitive exam in a better way.

Let’s Imaging, without going anywhere, without spending money and time all study materials in your Palm, on your Mobile Phone. You are preparing for Banking Exam from your Bedroom without disturbance. It’s Awesome!!

You can prepare for Bank Exam from home in 3 Ways, By Online Resources like Blogs, Websites for Banking Preparation , and Books for Banking preparation.

5 Best Mobile Apps For Banking preparationThe best way to prepare for Banking Examination is Now Mobile Apps which is more convenient than above 3 resources. Anytime anywhere  you can prepare your Exam hassle free.

Yes, You are reading Right.

There are so many Mobile Apps in Android and Itunes are available for Competitive Examination preparation. Many are a combination of all subjects, also Apps are available for single subjects.

Mobile apps will help you in preparation as well as you can test your knowledge by Mock test provided by them.

Which are the 5 Best Mobile Apps For Banking preparation?

Let’s discuss 5 Best Mobile Apps which is essential at the time of Banking Preparation.

  1. Dictionary.com

To prepare English for Competitive Examination, this is the best Apps students use. More than 20 lakhs definitions and synonyms are included in this apps to solve your Vocabulary. This app is a must for every student who want to prepare any competitive Examination. You can download this app from Google Play store.[Download Here]. You can use this Apps in Offline mode also, means without the internet you can use this app for study English.

2. Daily Current Affairs GK Quiz

Current affairs are the main and most important subject for every competitive Examination. You must have to update your knowledge daily because of lots of matter is happening around the world every day.

Daily Current Affairs GK Quiz is developed by TestBook to provide you updated Currents affairs for your competitive Examination. You can use this Apps for every competitive Examination. Download Daily Current Affairs GK Quiz here from Google play store. 

You can use this Apps offline too.

3. General Knowledge 52600 +Faqs

Along with Daily Current Affairs GK Quiz, you can use this Apps for Current affairs and General knowledge. You can prepare all competitive Examination with this Apps. Unlimited questions with daily updates help you to know more and more about current affairs. With GK you can also sharpen your knowledge of English with Apps. Download General Knowledge 52600+ Faqs here. 

4. Pocket Aptitude

Want to be an expert in Aptitude, you have to practice more and more questions. Pocket Aptitude Apps will guide you to practice more and more Aptitude questions to crack banking as well as other Competitive Examination. This free app sharp your mathematics knowledge by providing more and more practice questions in different levels.

Questions are include 4 modules, Study, training, challenge, and quiz.

You can use this app for Banking Preparation as well as other competitive Examination. Download this Pocket Aptitude App Here. 

 5. Pocket Logical Reasoning

Don’t miss logical reasoning part in the preparation. It requires more and more practice. More you practice Logical reasoning, you can able to know the tricks and techniques to get maximum marks in it. This Apps will give you a chance to practice more for your highest level of preparation. Download this Pocket Logical Reasoning Apps here. 

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