Must Follow these 5 Best Strategy to Crack the GATE Exam


The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is one of the premium competitive exams held every year to test the understanding of the undergraduate subjects in science and engineering. The score of the exam plays an important role in gaining admission to prestigious universities around the country. While preparing for GATE, you need to scrutinize your strengths and weaknesses and chart out the areas for improvement. Here we bring to you 5 Best Strategy to Crack the GATE Exam.

5 Best Strategy to Crack the GATE ExamAcquire complete information about the exam

Before starting your preparations, make sure to understand the complete syllabus. You need to match the syllabus for GATE exam with your syllabus and start with the subjects you are well versed in. Make sure to highlight main topics for the exams to prepare quick notes that will help you throughout the preparation timeline.

You Must Know this:-

  • Syllabus For GATE Exam
  • Subject wise Questions and mark Details

What are the Career Opportunities after GATE Examination?

GATE is an online exam of three hours. There are 65 questions out of which 35 are of 2 marks and 30 are of 1 mark. In total the examination is of 100 marks. There are two types of questions in the examination. First are the MCQs and second are numerical answer type questions which will require quick calculations. Do remember that if you do not know the answer to any question, just leave it blank as there is negative marking in both 2 marks and 1 mark question.

You Must Know this:-

  • Duration Of the Exam
  • Total number Of questions
  • Mark Description of the Question Paper

Choose good Books for Preparations

Apart from study material and class notes, make sure to go through at least one book on each subject. Nowadays, you can find a lot of online material including videos, PDFs, mock tests, old exam papers etc. which can help you in preparing for the test.You can find these 10 Best Book for GATE Preparation.

Start Early and Prepare Smartly

To ace the GATE exam you have to prepare a plan for 3 months and 9 months. In the 9 month plan make sure to go through each and every topic required for the GATE exams and study them deeply as per the guidelines provided by your institute. In the last 3 months, concentrate on the important topics and refer to the pointwise notes and formulas which you have prepared for quick study.

Make sure to analyze each topic according to the format of the questions and once you are done with the preparation of one topic, try to solve mock test related to it. In case you find any difficulty, consult your tutor immediately.

Revision plan and mock tests

Your notes will be the best friend in the final months of preparations. Make sure to have copies of quick notes around you so that you can consult them in free time. Also, download or buy mock tests and try as many as you can. Check the older exam papers as well from time to time.

Last minute pointers

Make sure not to touch any new topic in the final days of preparations. Keep your mind relaxed and get proper sleep and diet.

In the end, make sure to have your admit card and other important documents in safe place so that you can grab them on the examination date without additional stress.

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