5 Strategies to Score 780 on GMAT Exam


Graduate Management Admission Test or GMAT is a time game. It demands strategies, hard + smart work, and proper planning for execution to knock down a 780 GMAT Score. Yes.it is or can be achievable if the GMAT preparation is carried out following the five undermentioned strategies. With years of experience and research, our counselors have suggested these five strategies which will close to guarantee the achievement of a 780 score on the GMAT test.

GMAT Mock Test Online

The first checkpoint of the GMAT ride is the pre-preparation for the GMAT Mock test. This pre-prepare mock test will give you a generic idea about the GMAT test pattern, types of questions asked and time management. More importantly, it will highlight your weaknesses and strengths. Since you’re detached from studies for more than a couple of years, it is very necessary to predict where you stand on the GMAT test ground.

GMAT ExamThe test contains Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal Reasoning, and Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) sections. The Quant and Verbal cover up the syllabus up to high school level, whereas AWA section asks you to write an essay namely “Analysis of an Argument.”

After commencing the GMAT Preparation, try to take mock tests regularly. Mock tests are your best friend for GMAT, as they familiarize you with the real exam scene and project accurate results of your performance in the test. They make you aware of the mistakes which you can rectify so that you can perform more confidently.

Do Hard Work in a Smarter Way

GMAT is a time game of 3.5 hours one has to face overcoming test anxiety and fear and perform well to attain a GMAT score of 780 to get into a prestigious B-school. Though you have studied with devotion, GMAT Exam demands hard work in a smart way.

GMAT test compiles quantitative aptitude and verbal reasoning up to high school level. You have to brush up your basics since GMAT asks questions of high thinking order and they are created on basics as the base.

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So we advise you not to fall trap to high level thinking questions, in the beginning, spare your time on basics and learn from mistakes. Slowly and gradually increase your pace and knowledge. In this, your mock test will give the accurate insight about your performance. Take mock tests regularly.

Review Your Question-Solving Techniques

In GMAT it is very necessary to keep a check on the techniques you use in approaching to solve a question. Reading comprehension (RC) consumes a lot of time. You have to learn certain tactics to reduce your time while solving RCs. You can take help of Byju’s Classes mathematical approach for solving RC questions.

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Similarly, in DS, note down the information and try to get to the closest options. You should remember that there is no penalty for wrong answers, but to redeem your score graph you can’t escape any questions. You’ll be penalized if any of the sections remain unattempted.

Selection of Study Material

These days, many educational centers are offering study material for GMAT prep, but be cautious regarding the selection of study materials. Emphasize more on the Official Guide provided and created by GMAT as it contains all the relevant topics with solved and unsolved practice sets which are important.

Be Calm on GMAT Test Day

To panic on the test day is natural but this should not dull your confidence. Remember, you have studied thoroughly and this is your chance to prove yourself. Reach the test center earlier than the scheduled time. Check out your seat, computer system, and associated accessories.

The night before the test, get proper sleep of 6-7 hours. Eat proper breakfast on the test day and don’t study much. Just revise the important points if you feel the need for it. Relieve your brain from pressure and be calm and composed.

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