5 Tips and Techniques to Crack CLAT 2018 | Guidance by Ashis Gupta

5 tips and Techniques to crack CLAT 2018 Exam

Do you need tips and Techniques to Crack CLAT 2018? In this Video, Ashis Gupta will help you and give you some techniques to Crack your dream Exam CLAT.

Notification for CLAT 2018 is already out, if you have not registered for the Exam, you can get the complete information here along with registration link.

I have already published a list of Website which can be used for CLAT 2018 preparation.

5 Tips and Techniques to Crack CLAT 2018

Why you need Tips and Techniques?

Only the right path can help you to reach the destination and fulfill your dream. If you are not following the right path and losing your energy in the wrong direction, you will frustrate easily and left behind the success.

A direction is must!!

These Tips and Techniques will guide you to prepare for CLAT 2018 within your time frame.

1.. GK is Make or Break

You have to answer for 50 marks in GK section. It is the area to ignore. Give equal importance to the section for better marks.

If possible add it to the daily schedule to learn as much as General knowledge from the source which is easily available to you.

You can check out Daily Newspaper, News Channels, Magazines along with specific General Knowledge Books.

You can download some mobile Apps for GK Preparation.

2.. Math is Where the Rank is 

Some aspirants ignore it as it is 20 Marks affair.

Yes, it carries fewer marks, but not the part of ignorance. It can decide your rank. It can change your NLU location.

Rather than ignoring it, you have to prepare it for the better rank.

As this exam is designed for aspirants from all streams like Arts, Science, and Commerce, Maths are basically of 10th Standard.

You can use Quicker Maths by M Tyra and Quantitative Aptitude by R S Aggarwal for Math Preparation.

3.. Competition is Less

Last year near to 45000 aspirants registered for CLAT exam for 2500 seat nationwide and it’s increasing year on year.

It is with less number compared to Engineering, medical and Management Exam but competition wise not to ignore.

Quality of crowd is different in CLAT exam.

4.. It’s No a One Day Magic

Magic will not happen in One day. You have to start with a strong note to finish with day to day practice. You have to learn and practice for each subject every day.

Crash Course is good but that will not for everyone to crack the Exam.

After a Strong preparation, you can able to crack the CLAT 2018.

Smart work, determination, and practice is the right way to crack the Exam.

Regular practice and Hard work can only give you the Success.

5..  Strong Vs Weak Areas

You have to do your SWOT Analysis.

You will be informed your strength and weakness by SWOT analysis. Try to strengthen your strength areas along with overcoming the difficulties on weak areas will add the right score to your career.

The mock test is the best option to understand your preparation level. Try to attain online mock test where you can analyze your performance by inbuild analytics.

Analytics will inform you about your strength and Weak areas to work out.

You can follow all the Tips and Techniques of Ashish Gupta to get a high Score in CLAT 2018.

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