5 Tips To Prepare for CAT 2017 Quantitative Aptitude

CAT 2017 Quantitative Aptitude

With the approaching of CAT 2017, the MBA aspirants need to build up their skills and confidence to be able to tackle the CAT questions quickly and accurately.

Since over 2.3 lakh candidates have registered for the CAT, the exam will be extremely competitive and would require the candidates to be well prepared and focussed.

One of the difficult sections for the CAT is the quantitative aptitude section which tests the numerical skills of the candidates.

As most of the non-engineers get themselves detached with the mathematical concepts, they find themselves struggling with the quantitative section.

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It should be realized that the CAT does not test the higher level mathematical abilities and as such, it only tests the candidates’ concepts of basic maths which are taught at the middle school level.

CAT 2017 Quantitative Aptitude5 Tips To Prepare for CAT 2017 Quantitative Aptitude

Here 5 most important tips are given to prepare the quantitative aptitude for CAT section. These tips are generalized and candidates from all educational backgrounds can easily ace the section with these given tips.

  • Be Thorough with the Basics

As previously mentioned that the exam tests the basic mathematical concepts, the CAT aspirants are suggested to get well acquainted with the basic concepts and their related formulae.

Solving the quantitative questions become easy and quick if one is through with the respective topics.

  • Analyse and Develop Personalised Strategies

Before starting with the preparation, it is very important to perform a self-analysis and understand the strong and weak areas.

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After analyzing, the candidates are required to strategize a personal preparation plan accordingly and work on both the stronger and weaker concepts together.

  • Learn Shortcuts and Practice

The questions in the quantitative section can be solved easily with the help of shortcuts. So, learn various shortcut techniques from different sources and practice questions using them.

This way, one can easily get comfortable with the shortcuts and solve the questions with ease. These shortcuts also help in time management and increase the overall score of the candidates.

  • Solve Previous Year Papers and Take Mocks

Solving CAT previous year papers help the candidates to get acquainted with the pattern and difficulty of the questions.

CAT 2017 PreparationAlso, the candidates are suggested to take numerous mock tests to analyze the current preparation and develop time management skills for the actual CAT exam.

The candidates are also required to evaluate the mock tests properly and work on to improve their weaker topics.

  • Develop Exam Strategies

Having personal exam strategies are crucial since it helps to manage time and attempt more number of questions. It is suggested to attempt the easy and less time-taking questions first and then move on to the difficult ones.

Also, one should never leave the non-MCQs unattended as they do not have any negative marking for the incorrect attempt.

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With these aforementioned tips, the candidates can easily improve their respective quantitative score and increase their chances of selection in any of the IIMs. The candidates are advised to be well prepared and confident before taking one of the most competitive exams in the country.

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Hope this tips and techniques will help you in CAT 2017 Quantitative Aptitude preparation.

This Article is prepared for you by Raksha Singh from Byju’s Classes.

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