Simplifying 8 Common Interview Questions with Answer


CV on your Hand? Going for an Interview? Let’s have a look at 8 Common Interview Questions you may face to answer. This will increase your chance to get a job.

8 Common Interview Questions with AnswerLooking out job after Education is the most common. You need a job to live life. There is two hurdle you have to pass to join a Job. One is your Education certification and other is Interview. An interview may be written, oral or can be both.

I know if you have certification and good knowledge in your field of education, you can crack the written one.

will here discuss 8 common Interview questions along with the answer which will help out crack the interview and land on the job.

This 8 Common Interview questions prepared by Let’s Talk Institute, a Well known Institute helping people to improve Speaking and learning English effectively.

The Institute provides Spoken English Courses, English Training Courses for Exam like TOFEL, IELTS and also into corporate training.

This video will help you out to understand the 8 Common Questions asked in an Interview Process along with guidance to right Answers.

8 Common Interview Questions with Answer 

These 8 Questions are common in every interview, the answers are very person to person and carry the importance of the candidate.

  • 1st Question: Tell me about Your Self 

A common question asked by every interviewer at first. It defines your interpersonal skill of communication. The interviewer judges your communication and presentation skill before asking you any other relevant data related to your career.

You have to represent your Education, Experience, Personal Background, and Interests in a proper manner.

This is the best time to show off your Communication and presentation skills to the interviewer for the first impression.

The first Impression is always last long.

  • 2nd Question: What are your Strengths? 

The question is to judge your positive attitude about yourself. How you are positive and which point you are strong?

You have to show case your positive attitude relating to company perspective.

As an Example, if you are going for Interview in an IT company showcase your learning aspiration about software and how you learn new software within a short time frame. Or you can show case your extra skill on individual software. 3rd Question: What is your Weakness?This is a tricky question. You have to present your weakness as strength to the company.

  • 3rd Question: What is your Weakness?

This is a tricky question. You have to present your weakness as strength to the company.

As discussed in the video, you can show off your indepth research interest and how you are not able to manage time due to this. Present this weakness as your strength and tell them how you are going to handle this problem in future.

  • 4th Question: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

It’s about your long term goals. How you committed you are to the job? Because of attrition rate in the industry, Interviewer wants to know your commitment level by a definite answer.

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You can show up a realistic view on the job, like a position in the company.

  • 5th Question: What do you know about our Company?

You have to do some research on same company before going for a job interview. Information about the company will show up your seriousness for a job.

Try to know about products, Market share, and basics of the company to impress the interviewer.

  • 6th Question: How well do you handle Change?

Change is the truth and you face it every where. Flexibility and adapt to the change is the answer to this question.

You have to show case your flexibility nature to the interviewer.

  • 7th Question: Do you work well under pressure?

You know, how is the corporate culture now. You have to work under pressure to deliver the job. Pressure handling is the skill and complete mindset.

Show case your responsibility towards the job.

  • 8th Question: How do you make Important Decisions?

If you are going to a management level or team handling level job, you have to take important business decisions on behalf of your team.

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Some times your team performance is based on your decision.

You have to show case your decision-making capacity to the interviewer to increase the chance of the job.


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