Quality Concern, 800 Engineering Colleges to be Closed Soon


As per TOI report, 800 Engineering Colleges to be Closed Soon. Yes, AICTE is planning to close 800 Engineering Colleges due to no takers for the seats.

As per the AICTE Regulation, if any of the Engineering colleges report less than 30% admission for 5 Consecutive years along with lack of proper Infrastructure facility, will have to be shut down.

According to the report, AICTE has approved the progressive closure more than 410 colleges across India.

In this closure process, further admission will not be granted but old students will continue on the study with the revised syllabus.

The highest number of colleges closed from Telangana, followed by UP, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Tamilnadu, Gujarat, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Punjab.

800 Engineering College to be Closed Soon

From the data, we can able to understand the quality of the education and who is going to take care this.

Most of the colleges are not able to attract students due to their lack of infrastructure to teach the students. Many colleges are short of right kind of lectures to deliver the education.

AICTE is planning to improve education level in the field of engineering by eliminating the unwanted Engineering institutes and changing the structure of education.

Now AICTE is planning to add internship model for engineering students to make them industry ready.

From this year onwards, every 2nd and 3rd-year student will undergo compulsory internship so they can get the chance of job before Campus Placements.

The education system of India must be changed and should be inclined to produce industry ready professionals.

800 Engineering colleges to be closed is not the Good news for the Education Industry. If the same is continue every year, it’s difficult to get the seat for the engineering degree.

These colleges have to transform their model of education to cope with industry change.

Photo Credit: TOI

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