8th Mile, the annual techno-cultural fest of R.V. College of Engineering


8th Mile is the annual techno-cultural fest that happens in R.V. College of Engineering. As they always keep a theme for each fest, this time, the theme for 8th mile is- Carnival Of Memories. Yes, the very first thought that comes into our minds is the memories that we have all had as a child. From our favorite cartoons to the games that we used to play, such memories are always golden. And RVCE only aims at bringing back those memories that always make us go nostalgic. With their golden jubilee celebration that just got over last year, this year, the celebrations only seem to get bigger.

The fest begins form 26th February, and goes on till 1st March 2015.

8th mileThere are categories for the event that they are organizing, namely, Literary, Technical, Cultural, Informal, Sports & Gaming, Workshops, etc.

The flagship events of 8th Mile are the following:

  1. VERVE– The Fashion Show!(Prizes worth 40k)
  2. HALLA BOL– The Street Play Competition (Prizes worth 65k)
  3. BUSINESS MARATHON– The Business Plan Competition (Prizes worth 60k)
  4. Hack59– The hacking event! (Prizes worth 60k)
  5. ROCKTANE– Battle Of Bands (Prizes worth 30k)

Apart from these events, there are many other competitions with varying categories. This fest is sure to make you go mad with the carnival of memories. Find out all the information about the fest on:

For more Information Click here.

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Archana Belurgikar
Archana currently pursuing her B.E. in Instrumentation Technology at R.V. College of Engineering. Writing has always been her passion since childhood. She is also the chief editor of 'Ensemble'- the official newsletter of Entrepreneurship Cell, RVCE. She believe in leaving behind a mark in the society, and bringing new thoughts that stir the minds of people.