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Team AASHAYEIN, has won the ‘Best Sociopreneur of the year’ award in the national B-Plan inter collegiate competition named Expediens in the year 2014. They now strive to carve the road towards success of their organization. We had a little talk with the founders of Aashayein, Nayantara Mehta, who is currently pursuing her B.E. in Industrial Engineering & Management at RVCE and Vernon Rocky Fernandes, who is pursuing his B.Com in Commerce at St. Joseph College. It’s overwhelming to see students want to do something different in the society, for the society. Aashayein has not fallen short of support and blessings. Here’s what they have to say to us:

What is your start-up about?

AASHAYEIN is a youth lead organization initiating ventures which provide a platform to work with its mission @ Equal opportunities for all.
Realizing the fact that 21.9% and 0.4% of India’s population falls under poverty line and transgenders respectively, AASHAYEIN encourages them to take up vocational and domestic training of their choice for a period of two months.
At the end of two months, AASHAYEIN helps in bridging the gap between the employees of AASHAYEIN to their potential employers.Hence being a tinge of hope for a new beginning.

Akash and Nayanatara
Vernon Rocky Fernandes and Nayantara Mehta

What inspired you into building this organization?

Encountering discrimination amongst the lower sections of the society we could see the image of India ignominious. Although a law was passed by the Supreme Court In April ’14 that considers transgenders as the third gender, no actions have been noticed.
We believe that, if necessity is the mother of invention; then need must be the mother of entrepreneurship. As the younger generation we want to make a change. An educated and healthy India is what we are looking for.

What needs does your start-up fulfill?

Aashayein educates people about how important it is to stand on one’s own feet! We at Aashayein strive to educate the lower sections of the society vocationally or domestically according to their choice, thereby helping India achieve the tag of ‘An educated nation’ faster than expect. Aashayein helps reduce unemployment which in turn will slow down the rate of economic slump of India. It’s a service based organization which provides services in all fields such as plumbing,carpentry,drivers,electricians, watchmen & women and domestic help as well. Since the domestic market is a free moving market we are here (needed) to stabilize the market and provide constant service’s to people.

Any future plans?

AASHAYEIN is currently in its ideation state. We predict it to reach its beta stage by June’15.
Further in the next 15-20 years Aashayein would be present all over south India providing services on a large scale. And in the next 15-20 years we plan to help in educating the next generation by educating their parents right now. Just as Yousuf Malala said ‘let this (un-education) end with us’. Let this be the last generation to see this.

So join us at AASHAYEIN: One call that solves it all.
Contact us at: 9900189722

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