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This website goes back to 2009 started by Robert Ludlow along with co-founders Chris Bruner and Liam Pisano  when it first ventured providing free online college lectures videos from a selected set of few institutions. The site has boomed ever since, where now every Ivy League institution has been incorporated with the addition of offering a massive online course for all. Education is now no longer a phenomenon determined by location and economic viability as Academic Earth offers a selection of free online college courses, attempting to provide quality based education for one and all.

academicearthStudents can enroll for online courses, according to their subject choice. Academic earth provides an exhaustive list ranging from accounting to psychology, thus meeting the requirement of a wide group as there is something for every individual. From Harvard to Yale or Massachusetts Institute of Technology to Stanford University, Academic Earth has affiliation which allows it to provide news about online courses from these prestigious institutes as well as enroll for it. It serves as a unique website where important course related information from various colleges have been presented in a singular platform for easy access.

The website is user-friendly along with being case specific to optimize search result as per a student’s requirement. Users just have to follow the step by step instruction of first choosing their current degree level, selecting the category or field students want to venture for and finally the specific subject they want to gain further information about. The website gives a selective list of top schools and colleges from where the best of subject or course specific lectures are presented which a student can access from their home. The course load is also managed as per student’s specialization based on their acquired degree.

free online college courseIt is a new way of looking at education and molding it as per use. Academic Earth is an initiative that will pave the way for research based studies where the very best of classroom lectures will just be a click away. This gives greater flexibility to students when it comes to opting for a course and as well as a professor of their own choice, helping in better understanding and grasping of subject matter. Academic Earth, in short, provides an insight into the future of education.

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