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Amritsar College of Engineering & Technology

Looking forward to building a career in Engineering and that too in Punjab state? Well, that could be a right choice for you.

Engineering field is enormously becoming the first choice of students to make a career in. Previously it is said that there is no scope of engineering in Punjab but now the tradition is getting changed & most of the top Engineering Colleges in Punjab are providing the best engineering knowledge & also the internships for their students Nationally & Internationally.

Amritsar College of Engineering & TechnologyAn identical image of such an opportunity provider college can be seen at Amritsar College of Engineering & Technology, Amritsar, Punjab shortly termed as ACET, where students hoist the profit by these internships which open ups the doors of opportunity for them to be employed along with getting their study done and this gives them a vast practical knowledge of the work in the real world alongside your academics.

So when you are graduated in engineering, there are numerous companies that are waiting for you to work with them.

These companies hire you on the basis of your technical skills that you own & also they consider your percentage in your academics, as well. So when you work in the company, you will have to showcase your practical/ technical knowledge to increase the productivity results of that company.

Which Industries demands Engineers?

  • Space
  • Energy
  • Transport
  • Environment
  • Construction
  • Defense
  • Installation & Maintenance
  • Safety & Quality Assurance
  • Design
  • Research & Prototype Development

Similarly, you can choose an Industry of your own choice depending upon your degree course and on your interest basis.

Moreover, ACET organizes campus placements for the students to get recruited by the top companies such as TCS, Accenture, Cognizant, Capgemini & various others are in the list where you might work in any of the above-mentioned fields.

So an engineering degree is a first & foremost step to move ahead in making a bright career in this field. But you need to know that there are numerous Courses available from which you can choose one of your own choice or interest.

In which specialization one can opt for an engineering degree?

  1. Civil Engineering
  2. Computer Science Engineering
  3. Electronics & Communication Engineering
  4. Electrical Engineering
  5. Information Technology
  6. Mechanical Engineering
  7. Plastic Engineering

Apart from ACET, there are numerous other top Engineering Colleges in Punjab that offers these courses.

You can opt for these courses at graduation level in which the degree offered to you will be named as B.E. (i.e. Bachelor of Engineering)/ B. Tech (Bachelor of Technology).

So in order to start your graduation, you can either visit at ACET’s official website or even search for popular B. Tech Colleges in Punjab; in which you will be continuing your study.

What key points are the pioneer in choosing ACET as a right engineering College?

To check the placement statistics is nowadays a first detection of the students & it is no doubt explicit.

ACET takes pride in telling that 3267+ students have been placed in almost 223+ companies in the academic session of 2018 till January.

  • Fee structure

The fee structure is another important aspect for you to check because the affordability of the course really matters. At ACET, all the courses are students’ pocket-friendly and also the concessions are given to the needy ones. This helps the deserving students not to stop from getting a quality education.

  • College ranking

Ranks given by the ministries or some of the famous magazines set a college on the top position. There are many ranks that have been secured by ACET till the date such as:

  • Best Engineering Institute with Quality Infrastructure from Northern Punjab by Secretary-General Indian achievers
  • Best Entrepreneurship Award for Engineering, by Engineering Watch
  • Excellent Institute for Corporate Training, by National Punjab Education
  • AAA rank, given by India’s leading website “Careers 360”
  • Grade ‘A’ Accreditation by NAAC
  • NBA Accredited courses

Amritsar College of Engineering and Technology AdmissionWhat are the Engineering Courses Available at Amritsar College of Engineering and Technology?

  • Civil Engineering(CE): B.Tech CE with Green Belt Certification In Six Sigma In collaboration with QCFI, India.
  • Computer Science & Engineering (CSE): B.Tech ECE with International Certification in OCA & OCP in Collaboration With Oracle.
  • Electronics & Communication Engineering(ECE): B.Tech ECE with Green Belt Certification in CCNA & CCNP in collaboration with CISCO.
  • Electrical Engineering(EE): B.Tech EE with Green Belt Certification in Six Sigma in collaboration with QCFI, India.
  • Information Technology (IT): B.Tech IT with International Certification in OCA & OCP in collaboration with ORACLE.
  • Mechanical Engineering (ME): B.Tech ME with Green Belt Certification in Six Sigma in collaboration with QCFI, India.

Additionally, to check the validation of the degree & availability of the desired course in selected college are some other important aspects that could be very helpful when it comes to choosing either ACET or any other right or top engineering colleges in India.

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