Admission News: Delhi University



The admission committee finalized some changes on Thursday regarding this year’s admission procedure in DU. The recommendations have been forwarded to the university authorities for approval. After getting affirmation from the Academic Council the guidelines will be notified by the university administration later this month.

The 23 member admission committee has asked for a continuation of the admission procedure till August 14 since many colleges saw students withdraw admissions post July 31 last year following the counseling sessions for professional courses at other varsities. But the new admission session will start as scheduled from mid- July.

Along with the above mentioned changes the committee has suggested uniform eligibility criteria like pass marks in mathematics being compulsory for admission to Economics (H) and BCom (H) and deduction of 10 marks (2.5%) if physical education and music are included in the best four score.

The process of offline registration will only be open this year for a maximum of five days. The DU authorities wanted a full online admission procedure this year but seeing a certain section might get disadvantaged the committee has decided to revise its decision. There will an instruction leaflet to guide those registering offline along with online prospectus on university website.

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