Advantage and disadvantages of Distance Learning


The concept of distance learning involved a student connecting for the education without going to any of the class room or direct lecture. The complete process is either by online or by Book study method.

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distance education‘Knowledge is art and gaining it is a boon’ with this wonderful gift every student has a goal to prove themselves to the world. Even the brightest student faces a downside compared to a dull one, this is because, ‘The smarter gets the right place compared to the brighter student’. He may be dull receiving poor marks in colleges, but his smarter way of analysing things hoists him better than the other. And it is not where we study, but is how we study that makes us more successful that we expect. And thus comes a new way of learning that marks a greater percentage of attentiveness in students called the ‘DISTANCE LEARNING’ technique.

Way to go!

Virtual learning paves a new way in placing education to the next level of richness, which engraves the minds of students to exploit technology in a better way. Best suited for students who cannot opt for a full-time course due to personal snags, they can go on doing distance education learning. The reputation is high alike the full-time course, because students get distinct benefits. ‘A video equals 1000 words’ and yes this can help students in benefiting more.

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Positive ends are right here

Technological enhancements paved way in developing education to a high level and distance education has boomed in today’s scenario. Using webinars and virtual learning environment, the phenomenon has spectacled amid the students successfully. Interaction is one platform where students can get to know the faculties and interrelate with them for gaining more knowledge and clearing doubts in subjects. The bandwidth speeds are tremendous in helping haste video download where students can rewind, stop and play. Graduating from anywhere in the globe is also possible with this E-learning. Freedom to learn is one vital aspect in electing this method because they can set their own place to study and is cost effective.

Alarming downsides

Distance learning has also been packed with some teething problems that still remain an uncorrected haze. Technology is sometimes a bane, as there will be a connectivity problem for students while downloading video contents. Though you have a freedom of choosing the environment you study, there is no face-to-face interaction which will definitely be a lag in understanding concepts. Also all the colleges do not offer distance learning courses to students and also some company heads select candidates for job only if they hold a resume of full-time course in a college. Without any interaction with their friends, they sometimes feel alone and don’t get the mood of enjoying a life in college.

Though several drawbacks remain, Distance learning can never be put down since it has and is helping ample students to graduate a degree from home!

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