Advantages and Disadvantages of an MBA in HR


The MBA degree main originated from USA and very familiar to all the country of the World. It is widely use in the business development and operations. MBA Degree is called as mostly Prestigious Degree and attracts a hefty salary. Due to the Economic Globalization irrespective of countries MBA’s are more searchable job and it increases it’s significance.

In MBA Degree, there are so many specialization is available to specified the particular skill of the student. Finance, Marketing, IT, HR, Operation Management are the more popular Specialization in our country and jobs are available widely for the candidate, who done the same specialization.

Every Specialization has its own advantages and Disadvantages according to the time and place. Knowledge also important to drive the specified field of MBA.

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Here we will discuss, Advantages and Disadvantages of an MBA in HR.

Staffing is the most important role in the Organization. It organised by the Human Resource Department of the organization. Every company has it’s own Human Resource Department and HR manager to perform the task.

Advantages of an MBA in HR:-

MBA in HR will add the benefit of staffing to the career. The work of HR manager is staffing, processing wages, employee benefit and other issue relates to human capital employed in the organization. HR manger always monitor the work force of the organization and provide performance appraisal and benefits to the employee.

Increase of Productivity , Motivation and work satisfaction measurement to the work of HR manager.  According to the requirement of the organization HR manager recruit Human capital and involve in the training process to develop the skills among the new employee .

Those are not interested to Marketing and finance kind of Job, they can opt for HR as a specialization.

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Disadvantages of an MBA in HR:-

In the sales driven organization, role of HR is very limited and most of the staffing is driven by sales team. Only HR is involved in processing the salary and taking care of perquisites of the employee. The post of HR manager is also less in every Company compared to other specialization. Some times HR manager get less salary than the other .

For smaller organization HR managers are too expensive , so they do staffing without HR manager.

Any way, every job has advantages and disadvantages , Job must be done with the passion and confidence.

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