Is the Advertisement tell you the truth ?


Now the power of expression is all about how you are reaching to others heart and Mind. More than mind it focus to heart. Advertisement is the main tool to reach people and tell about the product , that you want to sold . There are lot of innovative way to push the product from company to people. Media is taking major role in to this.

When i saw the Advertisement of Hero Honda ” Desh ki dhadkan ” and ” Hamara Bajaj ” of Bajaj , it starts capturing the heart of the consumer rather than mind . It create the emotional touch to sell the product. Yes that work out very good.

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What you think, we have to think about the product from our Mind with the lots debate or just have to follow our emotional feelings to adopt the same.

The Advertisement of kinley , just express the feelings of truth , rather than the specification of watre. by the way , its drinking water , what we will get from specification?

Lets drink !!

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