Advertisement War , Who will get the benefit out of that ?


The competition is always in the market to beat other. Sometimes most of the company use Ambush Marketing strategy to compete with the competitor. The cold war of Marketing exists since a long time. 

The cold war is started between two E-Commerce giant, Flipkart and SnapDeal in the Indian market. 
Flipkart’s New campaign ” Acha Kiya Nahi Kharida” is a campaign asking the customer to wait for the next offer.

Flipkart campaign 1

But as usual Snapdeal started their branding through Ambush marketing strategy. They have started their campaign #YahanSeKharido

snap deal add

All those hoardings are placed near to the Flipkart headings to give a curiosity to the customer. Snapdeal also done the same follow up on Flipkart’s Bigbillion Day challenge. 

The main point is, in this Advertisement war, who will get the benefit out of that? It’s a complete customer biased strategy. Yes, they have to adopt the strategy to reach the customers heart and Mind to sale their product but followup strategy will not get that much of benefit. The customer will be Intelligent and compare the price and offers to get the best one.

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