No to affidavits from a gazetted officer or a notary for Document Confirmation


Its a major changes for the citizens of India, Now no need to affidavits from a gazetted officer or a notary for the govt related work document, self attestation is sufficient to authenticate .

Govt promoting self attestation of the document to eradicate unnecessary  affidavit, which attracts time as well as a cost. In the most of the places unavailability of the gazetted officer and notary always create the problem and the work took more time compared to normal process.

This is a step of citizen centric administration which reforms the system and simplify the process.

Candidate applying for the Govt services , no need to affidavit from gazetted officer or a notary which was the mandatory requirement in earlier time. By the Simple process , they can self attested the certificate and and send for consideration.

On this Self attestation consideration method, candidate must have show original document at the final stage.

This process will extirpate the wastage of time of both Candidate as well as Govt Officials.

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