AIPMT to be Re-scheduled Owing to Large – scale Irregularities



The Supreme Court on 15th and 19th June has ordered CBSE for re-scheduling of the All India Pre- Medical and Pre- Dental Test 2015 on July 25th (Saturday). This year nearly 6.3 lakh candidates had applied for the test but owing to instances for mass cheating and leaking of question papers the Court has ordered the re-scheduling.

The Central Board for Secondary Education (CBSE) has issued strict laws for regulating and controlling the irregularities that were witnessed before. The Board has given a notice regarding a dress code which bans wearing of shoes in the examination hall except allowing only open slippers. Candidates are required to wear light kurtas with no big buttons or badges.

These measures are taken reportedly to curb instances of cheating in the examination hall. They might seem ridiculous from a point but at the same time it does point out the faulty nature of India’s educational system. Further details regarding the examination is given in this site

Know more about AIPMT. 

This is not an isolated incident. In the past one year, several papers have been leaked including Jamia Millia’s BTech and BDS entrance exams and Combined Medical Test held in Uttar Pradesh. Polly Sengupta, a Kolkata-based psychologist says that this tendency increases if students have engaged in the illegitimate activity and gotten away with it. She says students develop the tendency to rationalize cheating to deal with the guilt and the competitive nature of our educational system.

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Rituparna Das
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