An Effort to Provide Education for All: NGOs in India



NGOs have been constantly working towards providing a better platform to the under privileged children for whom easy access to education is difficult. Working day-in and day-out, the NGOs have worked towards providing not only education but also financial support and linking them with mainstream through education. Some of them have taken additional effort in providing these underprivileged ones with placements as the ultimate objective is a search for a better life.

Here is a list of top five NGOs in India aiming towards proving quality education for one and all:

  • Teach for India
  • Make a Difference
  • Pratham
  • Barefoot College-India
  • Cry

All of the above mentioned NGOs have strived towards not only providing basic education to children belonging to the lower economic strata, but also kept in mind the quality and necessity of proving education so that these children could make a mark for themselves aided by them in future.

Teach for India is pursued under Teach To Lead project where young college graduates and professionals are provided with the opportunity to provide quality education to all. A two year full time teaching project is undertaken by these volunteers, pursuing this under resourced schools. It currently works in 5 main cities of India- Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad and Chennai and is well equipped with some 700 Fellows.

Make a Difference along with its educational partner Cambridge University Press has started a project, ‘The English Project’ where downtrodden children of the society are provided with English education. A team of 1200 volunteers have been appointed to teach near about 4000 students in some of the major cities like Kolkata, Chennai, Mangalore, Bengaluru, Delhi and many more. It has been honoured by various prestigious awards like the Ashoka Staples Youth Social Entrepreneur Competition in the year 2008, Noble Laureate of the Karamveer Purashkar awarded by ICongo, global fellow of YouthActionNet and Cordes Fellow 2010.
Pratham established in 1994 with the aim of providing education to children living in the slums of Mumbai, has now turned into looking after the fundamental rights of children for education. It now works in about 19 states providing such facilities for equality in education.

Barefoot College-India is unique as the entire college runs on solar power. Started by Meghraj and Sanjit ‘Bunker’ Roy, today it aims at proving the local community people with training as teachers or specialized professionals. It has been ranked as the second best educational NGO in the year 2013 by The Global Journal.

Cry works for children and their rights. CRY has undertaken a lot of initiatives to improve the condition of underprivileged children and one of them is the ‘Chotte Kadam-Pragati ki Aur’, a literacy drive that has reached out to more than 35000 children in 10 states of India along with ‘Mission Education’.

These NGOs along with others such as Samman Foundation and Smile Foundation have worked relentlessly in this field where education does not become a resource for the privileged few but a necessary component of personal development for all.

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