Anesi and Osin: The Bill Gates of Africa


Anesi and Osin, the two brothers at a mere age of sixteen and fourteen have forced the world to recognize their immense talent. Before Anesi and Osin were even ten, both started their own computer business called” “BluDoors “( as they were inspired by Bill Gates name for his product Windows.

Anesi-and-Osine-Ikhianosime_v2Their interest in computers was triggered at a very early age and later owing to this they started learning computer coding. The brothers learned it themselves from online platforms available on the internet. Slowly as they started progressing, Anesi and Osin were inspired to create a new browser pertaining to their need.

The brothers were not intimidated while reimagining a browser even when Google exits like a supreme thing. They were mainly eager to develop this new browser for the cheap smartphones used by the common African population as the cheap phones cannot process data as well as expensive ones resulting in problems.

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Now they have their own business along with their new browser called “Crocodile Browser Lite” which is available on Google Play store. With these brothers, the world again witnessed how inspiring entrepreneurs.

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Rituparna Das
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