How Arvind Kejriwal Brought Revolution in Education System of Delhi?


India is all set to become a global force, in today’s time the definition of a developed country comes from the fact that how much the good roads are there, how are the transportation facilities or how classy is the infrastructure of the country. Let’s Understand Revolution in Education System of Delhi by Mr. Arvind Kejriwal.

Sadly, in India, the education sector is more like a neglected one and it surely needs a face-lift.

Chief Minister Sh. Arvind Kejriwal – the supremo of Aam Aadmi Party is doing admirable work in refining Delhi’s education sector.

The Education is one of the prime objectives of the Delhi Government under the leadership of CM Arvind Kejriwal.

The AAP government is trying to create a mark; reportedly the Education was the core theme for the Delhi’s tableau in the 2017 Republic Day parade.

Sh. Kejriwal took over the charge of the public schooling system which was in fiascos.

Delhi government schools were not at all able to teach & yield scholars. Low motivation amidst the students, teachers & the corruption at the root level were the key reasons for the poor performance of the schools.

Even a 6th class student wasn’t able to read properly.

Sh. Arvind Kejriwal with his team lead the strong foundation and started the revolution in Education System of Delhi. 

Three fold approaches for Education by Delhi Govt is outstanding.

  1. Providing Adequate Facilities and Infrastructure
  2. Adequate Number of Capable and Dynamic teacher
  3. Improving Curriculum and teaching procedure

The approach of the Delhi Government was continuous and efficient; it was of the utmost importance to revive the broken education system of Delhi.

The foremost step by Sh. Arvind Kejriwal’s government was the allocation of adequate budget for the total revival of the education system.

Education System of Delhi Delhi Government literally doubled the educational budget, in the fiscal year 2016-17.

The Delhi Government reportedly spent 22.8% of its budget to the Education sector in the year 16-17 which is also increased to 23.5 % in 2017-18.

What comes as a surprise that this was the highest ever education budget allocated by any state in the country. CM Arvind Kejriwal allocated 22.8% over the all India average of just 15.6%.

The Government has proposed to build 20 new colleges in the Delhi; the government is also trying hard to extend the campuses of the current colleges. The Ambedkar University is undergoing expansion, the seats are getting increased for the UG & PG courses.

By 2019, the government has said the target to generate over 17,300 seats for higher education.

The government is looking forward to starting 3 new campuses of the Ambedkar University around the capital. Commenting on the recent development, the education minister of Delhi Sh. Sisodia said extended campuses serve the same purpose as that of the regular ones.

The motto of the Delhi Government is to provide excellent & accessible education to all.

If we study the plan of the Delhi Government for the revival of the Education system, we can say there are four main pillars. CM Arvind Kejriwal’s government focused mainly on these concepts.

  • Infrastructure Development 

The Government believed in modernizing the current infrastructure, the sufficient budget helped the Kejriwal Government to address the immense shortage of the classrooms.

According to the reports, over 8,000 astounding number of classrooms have been constructed by the Delhi government.

The Government constructed over 24 new fully-fledged schools with decent and modern infrastructure.

delhi education systemThe Government has reportedly renovated the entire infrastructure of 54 pilot schools, the pilot schools are installed with smart classrooms containing projectors and screens for the students.

The old wooden desks have been replaced with the comforting fiber benches. The fresh coats of paints and granite walls have made the regular Delhi Government School into the school in demand.

  •  Teacher Training

It is one of the most revolutionary steps in reviving the Delhi’s education system. The education system of Delhi has to be increased by qualifying teachers for the class room.

The teacher training program was conducted by the SCERT i.e. State Council of Education Research & Training, due to casual mindsets the training programs were not continuously followed up by the staff. This resulted in a low quality of expression amidst the teachers.

The Delhi Government revived the training program and made it interesting & engaging for both teachers and the children.

In the first year of revival i.e. 2016, nearly 20,000 teachers were made to undergo the teacher training program. The teachers were asked to make supplementary material linked to their subjects. Groups were made consisting 4-6 teachers each in a group, facilitators were appointed to monitor the activities accordingly.

The program resulted in an overall development of the teachers, it promoted collective learning amidst the teachers. There are over 45,000 teachers scheduled to undergo teacher training program in the fiscal year 2017.

In 2016-17, 102 Cr was allocated for high-quality training for teachers and principals by sending them to the best universities like Harvard, Cambridge, and Oxford.

  • Accountable School Administration

The government schools around the India are known to lack discipline, the casual approach of the school administration has resulted in a poor condition of schools. To tackle this problem, Delhi Government has launched the three levels of supervisions in the school.

The Education Minister will have to inspect schools himself, various surprise inspections have resulted in suspensions of senior staff members like Principals and more.

The three levels of supervision in the school have resulted in wiping of corruption & negligence by the authorities. DOE i.e. District officials of the Directorate of Education are now keeping an eye over the school administration.

A Strong network of the School committees is the third and revolutionary step. 

  • Launching campaigns to improve learning outcomes

The Delhi government launched various fully-fledged campaigns to improve the learning outcomes of the students, one such campaign was “Every child can read campaign”. According to a report,74% of the Class 6th students were not able to read their text books properly. This was a sheer embarrassment for a grand education system, the government conducted ground level assessment & launched the campaign on 5th September 2016.

Education System of Delhi According to a report,74% of the Class 6th students were not able to read their text books properly. This was a sheer embarrassment for a grand education system, the government conducted ground level assessment & launched the campaign on 5th September 2016.

The government under the leadership of CM Arvind Kejriwal is doing whatever possible to provide the best of the Education to the students of Delhi.

The government also keeps a check on the fee hikes of the private schools, now the Government allows a fee hike only after auditing the financial books of the schools.

This year just 5 amongst 410 schools had applied for a fee hike. Schools built over the DDA land can’t just hike fees according to their consent said, Marlena.

We need a change in Education system of India to stand up in the World. Hope the revolution will move to all states of the country.

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