Arvind Kejriwal Promise to focus Schools to Improve Education Standard


Arvind Kejriwal, Aam Aadmi Party chief, who change the Indian politics system by implementing various majors to eradicate corruption form the politics , now promise to develop education standard from school level. While addressing ” Teach for India ” he said ,Good Education is the basic rights for every child.

Arvind kaejriwal

Most of the Private schools are run by Business man and politician which is affect the Govt schools system as well as education in ground level. By improving the facility and education standard in Govt school will definitely improve the education level , as per Arvind Kejriwal.

Due to the lack of facility in private school, rich people never send their children to the Govt school. By facilitating the Govt school like private , along with middle class rich people also send their children to the govt school.

He promise to form a committees to improve the education in Delhi and easy availability of study loan for the higher education.

In our point of view, Only the good governance can improve the education system by adding more and more facility as well as spreading awareness of Govt Education Institutions. Most of the Govt schools are running less number of teaching staffs , that will the most and bad impact to the parents for sending their children to Govt School.

Either way, if govt will put little focus also to education system , knowledge level will increase among the students and will help to improve the economy of the country.

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