Asia Tops New School Rankings of 2015


schoolThe ranking of top schools around the world based on examination of mathematical and scientific skills as conducted by OECD’s Pisa tests, the TIMSS tests run by US-based academics and TERCE tests in Latin America have revealed Asian schools to rank among the top five. This system has simultaneously placed the schools of developed and developing countries together to give a competitive list of schools irrespective of economic positions.

Singapore has secured the top position with Ghana at the bottom of the list. US and UK have made it within the top 30 schools. The results of the ranking conducted would be later presented at the World Education Forum in South Korea where the United Nations conference will convene to discuss about the necessary steps to be taken regarding education reforms till 2030.

Though concern has been raised regarding the consequence of this ranking system as reported by one of the head teachers Anthony Seldon, ““They are skewing schools and national education systems away from real learning towards repetitive rote learning”. But these lists have at the same time served as a marker of potential growth and acted as a range to gauge the educational reforms one must introduce in order to provide the best amenities.

Singapore which had a high level of illiteracy till 1960 becomes the one to top it this time. These lists serve as a benchmark to evaluate the deficiency in the system and accelerates the chances to rectify it. Having both advantage and disadvantage at it sides, they can certainly be used as a parameter to introduce educational reforms and reach for a better knowledge distributing environment.

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Rituparna Das
Student Reporter at Linkfried, Rituparna is a student of Yadavpur University, Calcutta. She writes about Education News, Information , announcement From calcutta.