Are you asked to submit Original Certificate at the time of Admission ?


asked for original certificates

Are you asked to submit Original Certificate at the time of Admission ? Be aware of that , As pr the Rule Non of the Institutions supposed top ask to retain the original mark sheet or Certificate .  The Original Certificates are only required for the Verification purpose only. Normally Govt Institutions are not asking the originals to retain , they either need the photo copy of the certificate with Gazetted Officer Signature or Notarized one.

The Private institutions , ask the original certificate to retain because of fees payment and not to loose the student in middle of the Education.

Why You asked for original certificate?

Institutions asked Original certificate to verify the photo copy of the certificate student provided at the time of Admission process.  Original Certificate will verify the genuineness of the student and Institutions want to intake genuine candidate to the system.

 Why Some Institutions asked to submit Original Certificate ?

Some of the private Institutions are asked you to submit the original Certificate at the Time of admission and they will retain the certificate up-to the education End. After end of the Education they will return the certificate to the candidate. But some time Institute will not return the certificate due to irregularity of the Tuition fees to the Institutions , they charge some fine to return the Original Document provided by the candidate at the time of admission.

Also they want to retain the student up -to the end of the session. In the Middle of the Education if student get chance to join some other Good Institutions , candidate can not join the other Institutions because of certificate stored at the previous Institutions.

What the Precautions You Have to take ?

If any of the Institutions are asking to submit the original certificates at the time of admission and retain to end of the course, it’s true that the institutions does not have good value or reputation , because of that they want to retain you till end of the Course.

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Problem In Education Loan:-

If you submit your original certificates to the Institute , most of the bank will deny the Education loan, as they are unable to verify your certification credentials.

 Problem In Job Interview :-

If you don’t have the original certificates , you will not able to attain most of the job interview, it will be opportunity loss for you.

It’s better not to provide Original Educational Certificates to the Educational Institute at the time of admission process.

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