What are the benefits of group study?


United we stand, Divided we fall

The saying is true indeed. Though we are talking about studies, but it is apt here as well. Group Study has always been motivating for students as it creates a lot of competition among them. The group typically comprised of four to six students and is considered to be important in colleges due to the overwhelming workload of assignments.

The group study environment offers students the opportunity to engage in a more in-depth discussion with peers, sharing information and knowledge about a course they are collectively enrolled in. Being a member of a group where everyone actively strives to learn and remain on task can be very advantageous toward one’s academic success.

Students in a study group collaborating

After a bit of study and research, we have come up with a few benefits which group study offers to the students:

  • Creates competition – Study in group creates a lot of competition among its members. They always try to be ahead of others and hence, always strive to learn faster.
  • Easy to ask questions – It may be hesitating to ask questions in classroom, but in group it becomes easy to ask and get your doubts cleared.
  • Sharing solutions of tough questions – Every member in a group come up with a different solution of the questions. So, it becomes easier to solve tough questions in group.
  • Understanding concepts efficiently – In a classroom you just go with the flow of lectures. It is difficult to catch up with speed for everyone and understand each concept. Whereas, group study gives you the leverage to understand each concept clearly with the proper time.
  • Sharing different perspectives – Different members of the group come up with different perspective on any given topic. It’s easy and helpful for others to catch up the same topic with different perspectives.
  • Team learning – In a group, you learn to work in team. Working in team is a professional skill which can help you in your professional life effectively.
  • Receiving feedback – It’s always easy to get feedback from your friends on your performance. It gives you a chance to improve it and work better.
  • Develop new study skills – Each members share their own skill there, and then you learn the new skills from each other.

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