What are the benefits of Unacademy Plus Courses?

Unacademy Plus courses

Unacademy is India’s largest and free online platform to learn. From a YouTube channel it reached a maximum number of students for their education need.

As it is free and easy to access, widely acceptable by the student community.

It also has an Impact to our education system by providing free resources from UPSC preparation to other Competitive exams.

YouTube Channel of Unacademy already hits 24 Crore plus Views and having 3 Million Subscriber base.

There are 6900+ free videos are available to access in each category to prepare for any of the competitive exam.

Unacademy is one of the premier destination for live classes in India from verified Educators.

Verification level add trust to the content which is one of the major Advantages of the Unacademy platform.

Which are courses available on Unacademy Platform to learn?

If I consider to Free platform – YouTube Channel, most of the competitive exam is covered by verified educators.

The courses includes UPSC, CAT, GATE, Banking preparation, NDA, CDS, IIT-JAM, NEET, OPSC etc. are covered in free platform.

What are the benefits of Unacademy Plus Courses?

Unacademy Plus coursesIf everything is free on Unacademy, why to take Plus program with a fees?

The question may arise on your Mind when cost is involved.

There are various extra add on benefits on Plus program of Unacademy which will a advantage to your Preparation level.

  • Unlimited Access to the curated structured course Materials
  • Structured live classes on convenience
  • Lessons from Top Educators

Yes, You can learn from pre recorded Free video lessons available on the platform.

But, if you need more hand holding and live classes, Unacademy Plus is for you.

You can get the Live classes from Top educators and ask your Individual doubts upfront, which feels a classroom environment for learning.

Structured classes will eliminate your unnecessary time line by providing right set of materials as required to you.

In the plus platform, you will get multiple author  with unlimited materials.

As an Example, for banking preparation, you have to spend following price structure for your Unacademy Plus Subscription.

  • For 6 Month Commitment: Rs. 750 Per Month
  • For 1 Year Commitment: Rs. 500 Per Month
  • For 1 Month Commitment: Rs. 1000 Per Month

You are paying Rs 750 per month to get all the structured materials along with live classes which is a easy and convenient process to prepare for any of the competitive Examination.

Unacademy Plus Courses are designed and developed by the verified Educators those are gained a decent number of views and followers.

Check out the views and follower before committing to the plus Courses.

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