Best Strategies to Excel in Written Ability Test

Written Ability Test

Once you crack the CAT or any other entrance exam for a B-School,  you got one more and a big hurdle in front of you i.e. GROUP DISCUSSION/ WRITTEN ABILITY TEST AND PERSONAL INTERVIEW.

Nowadays, the group discussion is replaced by writing assessment test because in group discussion all the candidates don’t get enough opportunities to put down their points and what they actually feel about the given topic.


Writing assessment test is the 1st round after the CAT exam in which you will be given with 15-30 minutes time and a word limit of 700-800 words. This test is taken in order to know about the candidate’s innovative ideas and thoughts and also to know how a candidate expresses his views and thoughts on the beauty of the word.

Written Ability TestSome important tips are mentioned below that can help to prepare for WAT and attempt it more effectively.

  1. Be all around arranged for WAT round. Ensure you know about current the current happenings around the world and read about them consistently.
  1. Try not to run with long clarifications since it ends up noticeably dreary. So, attempt to put your focuses in a straightforward way.
  1. The paper ought to be decipherable and intriguing. Attempt to abstain from making it complex.
  1. The article should start with an eye getting feature, so endeavor to make it all the more fascinating.
  2. Have a proper practice beforehand as it will increase your writing speed and you can complete the test quickly.
  1. Keep your sentences short.
  1. Read daily papers and stay refreshed from the present happenings. Attempt and compose your own suppositions on the subject that you have perused. It will help you a ton in WAT.

In a GD, regardless of the possibility that you know less about the theme, you can gain from the perspective of others and make their own assessments. In any case, in WAT, you need to pen down your own contemplations in a few minutes, which at the time may turn out to be very precarious.

Preparing for written ability test is a gradual method and takes time. It is recommended to start preparing for WAT along with VARC after CAT registration is completed. For some, 3 – 4 months is enough while others may need to put extra efforts. It completely depends on the individual skills.

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