If She can , Why not You ? India’s First female amputee to climb Mount Everest


It’s hard to imagine walking without leg, but we have to believe ,some body climb the Mount Everest without leg.  She reached on top of the world 8848 meters above the sea level , Mount Everest.

She was pushed out from moving train by chain snatcher in 2011 , hit by another running train and survived painfully. She fight full night with the pain and hospitalized by the villagers.  Doctors had to amputee the leg bellow the knee level without anesthesia and given own blood to her.

Arunima SinhaA national level volleyball player  Arunima Sinha , wasn’t letting the hope nay way and she was the first Indian Women with an artificial limb to climb Mount Everest . She was taken the training from Bachendri Pal chief of Tata Steel Adventure Foundation ,to own the victory.

Arinuma Proved that leg may need to climb Mount Everest but need a brave heart to the task. Every thing is possible , if you have the aim to reach.

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