Career in Architecture


Architecture an Overview:  Architects are those magicians who create amazing buildings and structures. Skyscrapers in metro cities would not have been possible without them.

Architecture is the art and science of designing buildings and other physical structures.

An architect is someone who has got training from an architecture institute on planning, design and oversight on the construction of buildings. Generally, architects are licensed to practice architecture. An architect either can work independently or for some architecture company or real estate developing firm.

Career in Architecture

Present Scenario: Architecture has changed tremendously in the last couple of decades where demographic set up of students has gone through tremendous changes; and, students from varied social background, disciplines, and streams have come to join Architecture colleges. Career in Architecture is attractive, high paying, and has lots of potential in terms of growth. Besides the required criteria, some essential skills are also required for a career in architecture.

Contribution to Living-Hood:  Architects focus on how to make living easy and comfortable for people ranging from lower-middle class to upper-class and offer them housing and shelter with luxury and style. Moreover, increased demand for luxury accommodation from certain section of people drives architects to work on building such designs which fulfil the specific requirements. Architects provide professional services to new constructions, alterations and renovations, etc. of the existing buildings.

Skills Required: Students with skills like Creativity, Good mathematical ability, Awareness of current social and environmental issues, Keen observation, Flexibility and patience, Responsibility and accountability, scientific temper, Ability to sketch, Ability to understand complicated legal language related to the profession, Leadership, Physical stamina and supervisory skills.

Eligibility Criteria:  As architects study planning and designing of building and structures, a mental inclination and orientation is necessary to move forward in the career of Architecture. Most of the Architecture colleges in India offer education in Architecture at undergraduate level and students with Mathematics at +2 levels are preferred. Preparation for an All India Entrance Exam can be started soon after 10th Class. After completing graduation or during the time of graduation in Architecture, candidates can do an internship program either with some practicing architects or with an architecture firm to gain practical experience and better up job prospects.

Entrance for Architecture: Students willing to join Architecture have to pass the National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA). The test measures drawing and observation skills, sense of proportion, aesthetic sensitivity and critical thinking ability that have been acquired over a long period of time and that are related to specific field of study, i.e. Architecture.

Various colleges offer undergraduate course in B.Arch. which lasts for 5 years. The selection is done through an entrance exam conducted by the Council of Architecture throughout India. Students interested to further their knowledge in architecture can pursue post-graduation in architecture for two years. Various private and government colleges and universities in India offer BArch course which lasts for 4 years also.

Job Opportunity:  Architects can work with construction companies wherein they are asked to serve as a designer. Initially an architect is expected to understand specific requirements of clients. Some architects even work independently and earn their livelihood through consultancy fees which entirely depends upon the skills and profile as well as work experience. Most of the jobs in architecture come up in government organizations such as Ministry of Defence, Housing and Urban Development Corporation, Housing Boards, and Local Bodies for construction works, Builders.etc.

Conclusion: According to some sources, projection of architects stands over 10,000. The demand is expected to increase in next couple of decades as India is going to expand FDI in real estate and it will attract huge money from foreign companies.. International market particularly the USA, Dubai, Australia offer attractive career for architecture professionals. Post-recession demand is expected to increase in the USA architect firms/real estate developing companies.

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