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Social work requires a firm commitment and a desire to help- more than academic qualifications. There are numerous NGOs working for the development, like poverty alleviation, education of girl child, Gender issues, support for physically or mentally challenged people, for bringing environmental awareness, such as controlling pollution, waste management and conservation of wildlife. For a social worker deciding on the area of work, based on what is the wish to do and then select the organisation which stands suitable to the need is the preliminary stage of career.

Social workers mainly focus to improve the quality of living and the well being of individuals, groups, families, and communities through many researches, policies, community organizing, directly practicing, and teaching for the well being of those people affected by social disadvantages such as poverty, mental sickness and physical illness or different disabilities, and by social injustice, including violations of their individual human rights and civil liberties. A social worker is a person who practices social work

An Overview:  Social science is a study on what influences society and people to act in a different and how those actions and activities can be noted and modified. Students have to study about the theories, Methodologies and how they can be applied on the behaviour of these societies and cultures. Researchers and the Practisers of social work focus on various areas such as: mental health, its assessment and the diagnosis, human development, psychosocial, sociology issues related to diversity, psychotherapy counselling, social planning, public administration, girl child welfare and communal development. Social workers help people in overcoming some of the life’s difficult challenges like poverty, discrimination, abuse, alcoholic addiction, physical illness, financial loss, divorce, unemployment, poor educational systems, permanent disability, and mental illness.

Present Scenario: Emerging now is the industrialization and urbanization, that the informal helping systems followed by these churches and families began to break down and thus led to the organisation of social welfare services. Now Social Service has emerged as one of the most demanding profession in India.

Contribution to Living-Hood: Professional Social Workers work in non-profit or public or a social service agency, advocacy organizations, hospitals, community health agencies, schools and colleges, other faith-based organizations, and even the military mostly during the time of war. They work for promoting social awareness such as individual rights as a citizen of the country and also for those various government projects that aims at benefitting the people of general class.

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Skills Required: A number of countries and jurisdictions require proper registration or license of people working as social workers, and they have to be qualified. This job is well suited for people interested in areas of Cultural studies, Demography, Anthropology, History, Politics, Sociology, Psychology and Welfare of women. Social Worker should have knowledge, should be able to analyse, understand the methods of research, get the opinion and generate new ideas. People with passion on getting difference to the lives and living of many individuals, and with the need to feel proud of the individual’s contribution and most importantly one’s own personal fulfilment.

Eligibility Criteria: No formal qualification or training is required practice as a social care assistant, care worker, or carer. Some of the reputed institutes conduct entrance examination to get admission to the degree course.   10+2 or its equivalent (HSC / PUC / Pre-Degree) course with minimum aggregate marks of 50% is the minimum eligibility criteria to get in social services.

Entrance for Social services: A Bachelor’s degree (BA, BSc, BSSW, BSW, etc.) or a diploma in Social Work or a Postgraduate degree in Social Work, such as a master’s degree (MSW, MSS, MA, MSc, MPhil.) or doctoral studies PhD and DSW (Doctor of Social Work). Nowadays, graduates of social work pursue masters and doctoral study.

Job Opportunity: If you are interested in the field social work, one can always start working with a non-governmental organisation (NGO) in any development area as per personal interest. Social work requires a firm commitment and a desire to help people or the community. There are lot many NGOs working in various aspects of development. If you are motivated enough to do any social service and then people can easily approach an NGO for a job. But, before joining, be prepared for the fact that it’s going to be a lot of hard work and the salaries aren’t too high. Graduates can also join NGOs working for the social rights and welfare of human being and also can choose to become teachers or lecturers. Both these Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) have a lot of offers, if you are willing to work hard and in any given conditions of time and area. The main tasks of professional social workers may include case management, counselling, psychotherapy, girl child protection and welfare, social welfare, policy and practice development, and community development, advocacy, and social and political research.

Conclusion: The reward one receives serving the mankind are more than big pay-checks, but still a feeling of doing something for community and mankind overpowers all the other joys of the world. The respect that one gets is priceless. Job satisfaction comes from helping people in distress and working for a cause towards human betterment. Earlier profession of social work was not very paying, but these days one can get some good remuneration and recognition and quality work in the field of social development.

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