What career options do you have after you’re done with college?


So, you’re now 21, young, independent, responsible, mature and an adult, well at least that’s what you think of yourself. Oh and did I mention, you’re broke too! That means you need a job, kid and its a vast open world out there and you need to choose what’s best for you and what are you gonna do to feed yourself and your dreams for the rest of your little life which will move by fast, trust me when I say so. I’ll do something for you, in this article, I’m gonna write everything that one can do after completing their graduation. Pick one, choice is yours.

From the field of science, hospitality, computers to fashion designing, arts, the spectrum is broadening. Its waiting for you out there. The world’s waiting for you, go ahead and grab the opportunity.


Career after graduation

Completion of graduation is the turning point in one’s life. A general graduate (Arts/Sciences/Commerce) has a lot of options and opportunities. In the government sector like Railways, Banks, Defence, Police and Civil administration number of vacancies are present. You need to stay updated on all the vacancies and keep applying till you get your job done. If you’re looking for something in the private sector that’s great too. It’s tough, action packed and it gives you the thrill of working for getting more out of yourself and your team.

You might be confused on what you wanna do after graduating but don’t. Here’s your list:

Sales and Marketing:

The world is constantly expanding in terms of population and every other aspect we can think of. That means consumers are increasing if you see from the aspect of a Sales and Marketing organization. This is one emerging sector where you can put your interests in. Chances are you’ll get to be a sales executive or a service provide of sorts which is pretty good to start off as of now. Your performance determines what advancements you’ll make in your career in this sector and things should turn out pretty good for you if you put your head down and start working.


Doing an MBAs is the most popular and safe as well as smart decisions you can take right now after your graduation. Opportunities are endless so to say and so are the number of sectors you can get into once you’re done with it. Banking, Investment Banking are just examples of what you can do once you complete your MBA. And there’s a huge demand for MBAs in the market since every sector needs them. Management, that’s where you need to be looking.

Computer Courses: MCA/Animation/Web Design:

If you want to be a part of an ever emerging, evergreen sector then you should do one of these courses for sure. You could be anything you please, an animator, a software developer, a systems engineer, anything. Best of all, you could be a freelancer if you want to and earn the same amount of money as anyone else. How great is that, huh?

Mass Communication and Journalism/Advertising:

Now-a-days explosively expanding trend of the media either electronic or print media has opened up many options. You would be already aware of the posts like correspondents, reporter, anchor person, columnist, editor and radio jockey in media. Trend of advertisement is gone to peak. Chances in the advertisement are very attractive too regarding earning. You can easily earn Rs10, 000 to Rs 50, 000 per month.

Hotel Management:

A simple post graduation or diploma course can land you in a sector which I promise will never fade away. People would always need a place to stay away from home and a place to eat away from home. Unless there’s some kind of an apocalypse. In which case you’re screwed eitherways. But other than that, if you perform well, you can have a great career in this line of work.

Civil Aviation: Air Hostess/Commercial Pilot:

What could be better than soaring the skies and getting to see places you could have only dreamt of. I do agree getting a commercial’s pilot license can be a bit costly (a lot actually) but if you can manage to get the training and get a license, there’s not turning back. Air hostesses also would require training but it is also a glamorous career to be looking forward to.

Banking and Finance:

There are hoards of chances in public and private sector banks, insurance companies, stock exchanges. Posts might include Probationary officer, Development Officer, clerk, auditor, accountant, stock brokers and insurance agent. if you manage to get past the NCFM offered by NSE you can join insurance and capital markets. The salary varies between Rs 8,000 to Rs 30,000.

Library Science:

Often termed library studies or library and information science is an interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary field that applies the practices, perspectives, and tools of management, information technology, education, and other areas to libraries; the collection, organization, preservation, and dissemination of information resources; and the political economy of information. Of course you do need to get a diploma to get in this line of profession. You can easily get a well paying job in any museum, art gallery, library, etc. both public and private.

Defence and Police Jobs/Civil Services/Forest Services/Railway Jobs:

Some exams are to be passed to join the defence jobs. If interested in police jobs then one should pass the exam conducted to enter in police department. Paramilitary test are conducted for entering the military. Civil, Forest or Economic services can be joined by passing the exam conducted under UPSC. Railways give options to join it as TTI, Goods Guards and Station Master. Aspirants need to qualify for joining railways.

Film and TV: Acting/Direction/Production:

Acting is something that comes only if you have the passion for it. Its the same story with direction. But if you’re on the right path, you’re gonna be rich honey.


There’s glamour ,there’s fame and everything you always wanted. Though you have to be physically attractive and maintain every physical aspect of yourself. Its a long-shot, but worth a shot.


It is the age of designers and everything made by them is inn. All kinds of designers are welcomed warmly in the industries. But to be best at work is necessary for success.

Beauty care:

Hair-stylists, beauty therapists and make up artists are in huge demand as they are required in many fields and they have a lot of opportunities. But you need to do specific courses on them and pay depends on the quality of your work.

Medical Transcription:

A short training on this can help you earn between Rs 10,000 to 30,000 a month. Go ahead, check it out.


Graduates can easily go after this since its technically less work and easy money. You just need to be trained for a short period. Sometimes if candidates have good communication skills in English they don’t require any such training. These jobs easily shell out 8000 to 30000 bucks a month depending on certain factors

Content/Technical writing:

Okay, so in the days of online marketing and online connectivity on the grow and people and businesses trying to communicate with customers through the magical world of the internet, everyone needs content writers to keep their websites up to date. Its good pay if you know what you’re doing.


Self employment, its the best if you know your stuff. Go out there, shock em’ and rock em’. Its your world. You can make how much ever you want if you have the skills for it. I mean it.

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