CBSE 12th Std. – Sample Chemistry Papers


With the exams knocking on the doorstep, the CBSE students are getting all geared up for their examinations which are to be held from the second of March. With so less time left for the examinations to commence, students should be looking forward to solving sample question papers to increase their time management skills and also get an idea of how its going to be in real-time.

The Chemistry exam is scheduled to be held on the 12th of the same month.

The sample paper of the chemistry exam is out on the internet for students so that they can get a proper understanding.

The link to the paper is –

The marking scheme for Chemistry is described below:

Types of question: Marks for each question: No. of questions: Total marks

  • Long Answers (LA): 5: 3: 15 Maximum Marks
  • Value based question: 4: 1: 4 Maximum Marks
  • Short Answers-I: 2: 5: 10 Maximum Marks
  • Short Answers-II: 3: 12: 36 Maximum Marks
  • Very Short Answers: 1: 5: 5 Maximum Marks

Tips and  tricks to remember while attempting the Chemistry paper are:

  • The candidates should give precise answers. No unnecessary details are required;
  • Label the diagrams properly;
  • Highlight the important sentences or phrases;
  • Try to solve the question paper in a sequence;
  • In case, a candidate does not know the answer to a particular question, they should not waste time over it. Leave some space for it, move to the other questions and then come back to that particular question, one the entire paper has been completed.



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