CBSE to introduce a self assessment tool for schools to improve their performance



Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is coming up with a new concept of self assessment tool for schools. With the help of this concept, the schools affiliated to CBSE, will be able to assess and evaluate their own performance and work on the improvement areas, if required. This self assessment tool has been named as SARANSH. It will be easy to use for schools through a user ID and password. CBSE has introduced this tool for schools only, but at a later stage it might be helpful for parents to track the performance of their students through this.

Through SARANSH, the schools will be able to view their own performance as well as compare it to their counterparts. The tool will have different provisions for the schools like students’ performances, teachers’ schedules and syllabus of different classes, so that they will be able to track these things very easily and know their improvement areas to work on.

Once schools will do these self assessments, they will also be rated on academic and non-academic parameters on the basis of the performance of the students from classes IX to XII. The principals across the Mumbai city have already welcomed this idea. The schools and the students tracking are going to be much more technology based advanced, henceforth.

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