How to check AICTE approval before Admission to the college ?


Are you planning to join the college for higher education ? Are you aware of quality of the education that you are going to receive from your college ? You have prepared a lot for your education, so you must have join a college which provides quality education for your career enhancement.

AICTE – All India Council for Technical Education is provides you a quality check for your education. Since Inception AICTE approves the only Institutes which has the  capacity to deliver the quality education. Quality education will build a development door for the economy and be a part of nation building.

Before taking admission to any of the Educational Institute , you must have to check the Approval of AICTE. 

AICTE under take the review of education system in the Institute and periodic review of the curriculum and content of the subjects of the technical programmes in India.

Objective of the AICTE :-

  • Promotion of Quality in technical Education
  • Planning and coordinated Development of Technical Education system
  • Regulations and maintenance of norms and standards

It’s easy way to check the approval of the AICTE before taking Admission.

Check AICTE Approval before Admission
Check AICTE Approval before Admission

You can download the institute data form AICTE Website  . State wise data is available to know the approval status.

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You can download data, contains institute name, Address, state and website of the Institute.

It’s better to confirm the approval of the Institute from Regulator before the admission to the College.

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