Check out these 5 Best YouTube Channel for Spoken English Preparation

Best YouTube Channel for Spoken English

Do you want to speak better English, you can learn it free. Will list out 5 Best YouTube channel for Spoken English which will help you to learn from anywhere at any time.

Language is the best tools to communicate and English is one of the prominent wide spoken language accepted by all over countries of the world.

Everybody wants to learn to speak English as it is now essential to understand and communicate clearly.

From daily life in social media to communicate in office time, English plays a major role in our life.

So let’s understand without disturbing our working time, how to learn and speak fluent English by YouTube Channels.

Yes, You can learn English from YouTube Channel at your convenience.

I made a list of Top 5 YouTube channel which will help you improve your English Knowledge.

Best YouTube Channel for Spoken EnglishBy these channels you can, you can change your English Communication Knowledge.

List of Best YourTube Channel for Spoken English

Below is the list of YouTube Channels you can follow to improve your Spoken English Skills.

These channels can be used for Competitive preparation also as it provides in-depth knowledge for English Grammer.

Sl No Channel Name Videos Subscriber Base
1 Let’s Talk 1271 3814082
2 Learn English with Zeta 239 379932
3 DSL English 382 1807062
4 Spoken English Guru 372 2454674
5 Deep English 65 153264
6 Sandeep Dubey 36 74187

Data as on 2nd April 2019.

Let’s Talk 

Let’s Talk is one of the premier websites in the field of English Language learning providing Education for Competitive Preparation like IELTS, TOFEL along with Corporate skill development training.

YouTube Channel’s of Let’s Talk is completely Free and having a nice collection of videos to improve English Language skills.

The channel is having 37 lakh Subscriber base having 1250 videos to learn.

Learning Videos are updated regularly on different topics for your better skill development.

Click here to access this channel.

Spoken English Guru

Spoken English Guru is one of the favorite YouTube Channel among English Learner created by Mr. Aditya Rana, Who is a former Voice and Accent Trainer and had an experience with British and American International BPO.

From 13 Years he is one of the trainers for  English Grammar and Spoken English.

His Channel is having 2.4 million Subscriber base and crossed 11 Crore views by the students.

Video lessons are regular updates and easily structured by the playlists. If you are a new learner, start by play list which will be easy and convenient to follow.

The best part of this channel is bi-language in structure. You can learn from him from the Hindi language too.

click here to access this channel.

Learn English with Zeta

Want to learn English in an Innovative way to prepare for any of the competitive exams, this is one of the best channels for you.

You will learn tricks and techniques from this channel to learn English quickly.

Video lessons are regularly updated to give you maximum bandwidth for learning.

Channel is having more than 3.8 lakh subscriber.

click here to access this channel. 

DSL English

DSL English is founded by Mr. Dharmendra Kumar.

All the video lessons are regularly updated with new concept and ideas to learn English in a better way.

Lessons are explained in the Hindi language, will be helpfull to understand in better way.

Channel is having 382 videos with 18 lakh subscriber base.

click here to access this channel. 

Deep English

Want to learn from a foreign author, this channel is best for you. Deep English is managed by Ganina Gemanar.

If you are comfortable with foreign ascent or want to learn different ascent, this channel is a better choice for you.

Click here to access this channel.

Sandeep Dubey 

Sandeep Dubey is a trainer of the English Language, Public Speaking and Personality Development. He is also the founder of paramount Institute for the English Language training in Bhopal.

This channel is having 0nly 36 videos which was recently updated to the channel.

You can also follow him for better English learning.

Click here to access this channel.

This only not help you to speak English Fluently, you can also get the scope to develop your fundamental knowledge in English to prepare for any of the competitive Exam.

YouTube Channel for Spoken EnglishHow to get the best out of this YouTube lessons?

To get the maximum benefit from these YouTube Channel, never miss a video lesson. Subscribe to the channel and follow each and every video lesson step by step.

Create your own playlist to add videos for future reference.

Some Channels having pre-defined playlists episode wise, follow the playlist with instruction.

Updated on 5th May 2019.

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