Check out these Top 10 Career Options in Food Industry


Foods Industry is quite lucrative among youngster for a career move. Form various options, will discuss Top 10 Career Options in Food Industry for you.

We Indians love to eat and somehow passionate about our different types of food. But have you ever thought of making your passion for food as your career? No! Then go for this article to know the insides of the food industry and opportunities behind this.

Top 10 Career Options in Food IndustryWhen you think of jobs in the food industry, what comes to your mind? Probably roles like a chef, bartender, barista, server, restaurant manager and so on. But, beyond these basic positions, there is a whole world of opportunity for those who are passionate about the culinary arts.

You can take an example like if you are interested in capitalizing on the trend towards local and sustainable food? Work at a farmers market.

If your dream is to be a businessperson then craft brewer is the best option for you.

Food Scientists/Flavour Developers would be a good option for you if you keen to study the science behind what makes food taste good and how to manipulate those flavours and textures.

The benefit of choosing a career in the food industry is it provides you diversity.

The culinary sector offers a number of career options that range from traditional positions like a chef to new and emerging jobs like food forager.

And the manufacturing sector presents opportunities for individuals seeking food science careers and other positions related to food processing.

A lot of food-related careers come with the potential to earn a decent living and offer a good job outlook.

We’ve detailed some of the options to give you an idea of what is available out there in regards to traditional and unique food jobs, as well as careers in food science and manufacturing.

Top 10 Career Options in the Food Industry

These are the trends in the food industry you can choose for it.

  1. Chef
  2. Food Photography and Styling
  3. Restaurant Manager
  4. Professional Food Forager
  5. Wine, Beverage & Mixology
  6. Food Historian
  7. Food Show Producers
  8. Food Scientists/Flavour Developers
  9. Molecular Gastronomist
  10. Restaurant Designer

> Chef

It is the perfect time to become a chef. As the society is getting more sophisticated and civilized people to want to have their quality time in restaurants along with good food.

In fact, in one survey, 44 per cent of chefs said that the trend of local food sourcing grew the most over the decade ending in 2015. Fresh and house-made ingredients are also appealing to today’s consumers, as well as street food and food trucks.

There are many options to pursue your culinary passion, regardless of whatever your specific interests may be. To have a solid foundation and success in your career as a chef you must obtain culinary arts education.

> Food Photography and Styling

With the emerging social media, opportunities have increased by leaps and bounds in the world of food media.

With the popularity of Instagram and Pinterest, the market for visual food content has grown and that leads to the high demand for Food photography and styling.

Food stylists create the amazing and mouth-watering dishes that get photographed for magazines, newspapers, books, televisions and advertisements.

It takes an artistic vision, attention for detail as well as an ability of cooking by understanding ingredients, to develop a successful career as a food stylist. Many food stylists work independently for photographers or do both.

> Restaurant Manager

You could engage in a culinary career that focuses on operations. With jobs like restaurant, kitchen, or catering manager, a food service management position is a great option for individuals with strong business sense and passion for culinary arts.

How to Start a Career in Hotel Management?

Depending upon the size of the organization you are working for, you could secure a management position that focuses on the front of a house, back of the house or both.

Front-house managers focus on the serving and bartending staff. They ensure that customer service standards are being met and that food and drinks are coming out as expected.

On the other hand, Back-house managers are responsible for the kitchen and food preparation staff. They oversee the kitchen, check on portion quality and size, and make sure that health and safety standards are upheld.

As a Manager, you could be involved in areas like staffing and scheduling. Taking interviews, hiring, training, and ensuring that each shift is staffed adequately come under your position.

> Professional Food Forager

It is quite impossible for the chefs to go into the forest and other natural settings by own and source foods that are grown in the wild. Therefore, a new career field is emerging for professional food foragers who can search through farmers’ markets and other local businesses in order to source food for restaurants.

Chefs can hire professional food foragers to source ingredients like locally grown produce or artisanal products.

Foragers source the ingredients and sometimes even educate the chefs and restaurant staff as to the origin of the items.

As per a survey in 2015 found that 68 per cent of restaurant customers were more likely to choose restaurants that use local food items, and 60 per cent of customers were more likely to frequent restaurants that offer eco-friendly food. So, you can consider it as a career option.

> Wine, Beverage & Mixology

Food IndustryThinking of this could be hard even a couple of years back but times are changing. Wine, beverages and mixology are a growing segment of the broader culinary landscape.

India is getting used to the idea of pairing beverages with food. To match up with Indian palate more and more beverages are being produced.

No matter how you pour it, beverages will remain a huge sector of the overall hospitality market.

So yes, you can choose between becoming a celebrated Bartender, Sommelier, Mixologist or even a Wine Buyer.

> Food Historian

Have you ever thought how the Kababs became so popular? Why Indians have such great love for Chinese-Indian food? The origin of Lal Maas and why certain dishes are cooked on certain occasions?

How to Start a Career in Travel and Tourism? A Bright Career Choice

If you are curious one have a hunger for the knowledge about food Food Historian can be a good option for you. However, this is a small market and your knowledge and ability to research should be supreme.

Food Historians can be food writers as well but all food writers are not food historians.

> Food Show Producers

If travelling is your passion with an immense love for food, then this can be a great option.
Casting new locations, scheduling shoots and coming up with new show concepts would be a part of your job description.

> Food Scientists/Flavour Developers

Food manufacturers like to discover new and improved food products. Therefore they need Food Scientists or Flavour Developers who can show the path towards the need of the market.

This job includes work like how to improve flavours, flavours that blend together, researching what would people like to eat and basically developing and improvising on products that would work well in the market.

> Molecular Gastronomist

Molecular gastronomy is the perfect blend of cooking using chemistry and physics with artistic vision

Carrot caviar, Cigar smoke ice cream, Mango foam, Balsamic vinegar pearls are some examples of Molecular gastronomy. For chefs who want to take their cooking to the next level – or to another dimension, even – it molecular gastronomy can make for an exciting and unique career choice.

> Restaurant Designer

It takes a lot of effort and bulk of time to make a restaurant. From choosing a concept to crafting a menu it needs passion but there is a lot of work on the non-culinary side, too.

Restaurant designers have a lot to take into account while planning about the interior design, the lighting style and fabric selection.

Restaurant DesignerBeing a restaurant designer you have to work closely with the hospitality industry, hiring architects, interior designers, project managers, and many other individuals to help bring a restaurant from concept to creation.

So, ironically you don’t necessarily have to be a chef if you want to be in the food industry, there is a lot more you can do. All you need to do is believe in yourself and follow your dreams.

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