How to Choose Right Entrance Examination for Engineering Degree?


Engineering Degree ! are you dreaming it? Your dream can come true if you join right Institute for your Engineering Course. Right Brand and Right certification only push you to your Bright Future. So, How to Choose right Entrance Examination for Engineering Degree?

When I started searching about Engineering Entrance Examination, found a lot. All Entrance Examination is having its own parameter to select the candidate for Engineering Degree. Few are the National level test and some are conducted by State Govt for admission in state level institutes.

Which is First, Entrance Exam or Institute ?

Confused !!

Yes, think about it.  Before selecting Entrance Examination, select your options of Institutes. Because, after selection of Institute, find out the entrance examination which is accepted by the Institute for their Admission process. It is compulsory to check the Entrance exam of the institute before preparation.

Right Entrance ExaminationEvery entrance Examination is having the different approach of testing the candidates for the admission and Institute have specified entrance exam for intake.

How to Choose Right Entrance Examination for Engineering Degree?

let’s discuss parameter to choose an entrance Exam for your Engineering Degree.

1 . Institute Referred Entrance Exam

Choose the Entrance Exam referred by your Institute that you are going to admit. You must follow the instruction of entrance Exam by the admission notification. National Level Institute like IIT and ISC referred JEE main and Advanced, State level institutes accept State level Engineering Entrance Exam conducted by state Govt.

2 . Unique Entrance Exam

Selecting unique entrance examination will give you the benefit to apply multiple institutes with a single exam. Widely acceptable examination is a better selection rather than individual tests. JEE Main is widely acceptable Engineering Entrance Examination across India. Most of the Engineering Institute Accepts the score of JEE Main for their admission Process.

3. Institute Specific Entrance Exam

Birla Institute of Technology and Kalinga Institute of Technology organising their own Entrance Examination for Engineering Admission. If you are interested in joining this kind specific institute or University select institute specific Entrance Examination. Selection will help you to understand more and concentrate on your preparation.

4. As Per Eligibility Criteria

We can aim for more but check eligibility criteria of the Entrance Examination before applying. Most of the engineering Institute set particular marks for  intake.

You may eligible for Entrance Exam but may not eligible to join the Institute because of eligible Educational Background set by the individual institute.

Before selecting any of the Entrance Examination you must know about Top 10 Engineering Entrance Examination in India.

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