Cloud Computing – Expanding its Storage Resources in the Third Largest Country in Asia


Cloud computing is one of the most emerging technologies in the recent times. Cloud computing has been spreading its wings across every Nation. It has become a trend setting technology. The resources and its scope for the expansion is the core reason for the great emersion of this technology.

cloud computingIn India, current banking penetration is 35%, 75+ banks with 80,000 branches and 400 Million accounts, that’s a huge base. Considering the education field, current allocated expenditure for education is ~4% of the GDP; $400/ student in India as compared to $10,000 in US. Right to education act to ensure education to all. That makes it more expensive. India has over 15 million retail shops. Many of them are mom and pop shops in some rural or sub-urban areas. Even that’s a huge base.

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Considering the above known facts, cloud computing can be used to improve the respective fields. Banks can leverage cloud technologies to deliver better banking services,Internet banking, mobile banking and microfinance as opportunity areas. Cloud can potentially help revolutionize the education system in India like providing online education, teacher pupil enablement, school management.

Cloud Computing can be viewed as a solution to emerging problems. It can provide Non-Linear revenue growth, enhanced adoption in Emerging markets and reduced entry barrier due to nascent state. Hence it can be stated that, Cloud Computing is emerging prominently in India.

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