Collaboration to Expand Research, IIM Calcutta and lvey Business School Sign MoU


To focus case based teaching and in creating high quality case materials to enrich clas sroom discussions, IIM Calcutta ad Lvey Business school Sign MoU Today. The five year memorandum of understanding to jointly develop and publish relevant case studies of the India.

The collaboration will help the IIM Calcutta for the global reach and develop the classroom teaching to an interactive lesson .


The MoU signed by Professor Eric  A. Morse , Associate Dean, Programs, Ivey Business School and Professor Ashok Banerjee,  Dean of New Initiatives and External Relations,  IIM C at the IIM campus in Kolkata.

To focus case primarily based teaching and in making top quality case materials to complement room discussions, IIM metropolis ad Lvey grad school Sign MoU nowadays. The 5 year memo of understanding to collectively develop and publish relevant case studies of the Republic of India.

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The collaboration can facilitate the IIM metropolis for the worldwide reach ANd develop the room teaching to an interactive lesson .

The MoU signed by academician Eric A. Morse , Associate Dean, Programs, Ivey grad school and academician Ashok Banerjee, Dean of recent Initiatives and External Relations, IIM C at the IIM field in Calcutta.

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