College graduates to get huge job opportunities in US market


As per studies, UjobsS market is likely to hire almost 16% more college graduates for different companies. There are a lot of upcoming opportunities in US market for fresh graduates in different sectors, according to a recent survey conducted. They will offer different salary to the graduates. As we know that there are already good opportunities available in US for good candidates, it is about to open arms for fresh graduates as well. It will attract students who are in last phase of their studies to apply for openings available there.

As per the survey, more than 5700 companies say that about 60% employers will keep the starting pay same as last year for the new degree holders. The remaining 40% will offer salary hike of 3-5% on an average. The companies have their own salary structure. These good salary and incentive structures will make sure that the candidates get benefitted in their own expert areas. Maximum incentives are to be offered to their employees by most employers to attract the best candidates.

Engineers at all degree levels will continue to receive the highest starting salaries, the survey says. Apart from engineers, other stream graduates will also get best offer in the market in term of jobs.

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Nahid Khan
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