Courseeplus – A Social Learning Platform which connects Knowledge Providers and Study Seekers


Courseeplus is a Social Learning Platform which connects Knowledge Providers and Seekers. By use of social enabled technology , courseeplus engage the learner and Education provider in a world class manner. Courseeplus have 100 Thousand Enrollments,110+ Courses till now. They conducted a road show and approach various colleges to reach our platform with the campaign of “Flip the Classroom”. Also having a plan to establish  ”  Courseecafe ” (Hangout place to learn the courses) in all the major cities.

courseeplusWhat is/are the biggest achievements that you scored in the past 12 months? Was this/were these part of your agenda?

We have gained 100 Thousand plus users in the past 12 months, this has been one of our biggest achievements. Our goal was to gain 50000 Users, but we did really well in gaining more than our original goal. Now we are aiming to gain 2,00,000 new users by the next 6 months.

How has the market changed? How many students and campuses can you reach now? (Please try to give us numbers and statistics)

The market has changed drastically. Now we have 110 colleges enrolled in our platform and talks with 30 more colleges are in the pipeline.

The colleges are very eager to transform their colleges into cloud campus, so their students can access them from anywhere.

What have you done to keep your competitiveness high? Have you been able to keep differentiating yourselves from your competitors? 

We keep updating our features regularly to keep the competitiveness high. We introduce new features every month. we have introduced aptitude development zone, playground for developing projects, also we provide placement papers and company profile to help students with placements etc.

“Keep changing to remain the same”: tell me if you agree with this quote and explain why and how you apply/don’t apply this to your business.

Yes i agree with this quote. We keep changing our platform features constantly so we can provide the same best service to the colleges and students.

We keep updating our platform with features that every student would need to complete his/her studies and gain knowledge.

What are the main priorities in your agenda now?

Our main priority at the moment is to open “courseecafe” at main localities in Chennai and expand it to whole of TN. this will change the education methodology drastically and to reach a million of users within a year of time.

Has your revenue model been effective? Have you changed or would you modify anything about it? (again numbers are welcome).

Yes, our revenue model has been very effective. We followed subscription model and charge one rupee per student per day. This is the cheapest pricing plan in India. We plan to provide all our future services too at the same price.

Has there been any major change in the composition of your team? Has anything changed in the way you work together?

Yes, we have expanded our team; we have a new division (course designing) entirely dedicated for developing courses. We also have design thinking/ user experience division to further change our design as per the suggestion of our users.

What is the most important thing you have learnt in the past year? Would you change any of your aims according to what you learnt? (please try to be specific in this one)

The most important thing we have learnt in the past year is HARD WORK NEVER FAILS. We have successfully managed to tie up with 110 colleges and enrol more than 72000 users. Our main goal is to provide the students in the rural areas with a chance to develop job related professional skills, and it will remain to be the same.

Does your job absorb a lot of time and energy from you? Would you like to change anything in your working schedule?

Well it does absorb a lot of time, but at the end of the day when we achieve success its worth all our efforts. We don’t plan on changing our working schedule as of now.

Tell us about the most rewarding experience(s) that inspired you to keep going.

The most regarding experience was when the students from a college in remote district of tuticorin thanked us for providing them with an opportunity to learn all latest technology courses from their home without having to spend thousands of money or without travelling to city to do such courses.

What makes you better than other online course providers in delivering education in rural areas?

Our marketing team goes to each and every college in rural areas and explain them about the advantages of our platform and makes them use the platform. We canvass to each and every student in a personal level so everyone knows about our platform and the good it provides. This way we are able to cover rural areas in a better way.

How many students have found employment through your platform?

743 students have found employment through our platform till now.

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Director : Chidambaresan Ananthan

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