Crack GATE 2016 with Online Preparation


Cracking the GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) is one of the most desired results sought after by most engineering students. It results in opening the doors of coveted IITs, PSUs and IIMs after which there is no looking back. However, the GATE 2016 preparation is crucial for obtaining significant results and for an average student having long hours of study period becomes problematic. But it is needless to say that only practice can make one better. Also, you can use this 10 best books to prepare for GATE 2016 Examination.

GATE 2016Online sites offer a comprehensive selection of study materials which enables an aspirant to directly focus on target areas. Along with this, the provision of sample question papers and online test paper solving helps in increasing speed and prepares a student to be time bound while solving papers which is necessary for any test. NPTEL website offers the best collection of technical lectures provided by professors from IITs and IISC. In the form of videos and providing a large variety of courses and subject choices under it, NPTEL really does a good for all-round preparation.

Other sites such as or Handa ka Funda which provides are more analytical take on textbook study materials greatly a help a GATE 2016 aspirant to understand the study material along with providing sample test papers and arranging mock tests which can be taken online. Khan Academy is also a very useful website for GATE aspirants as it not only provides online study material but gives the option of free download of those materials so that they can be stored for future reference without the need of internet. The website Williamson Labs provides tutorials on basic concepts of electronics and electrical instruments. It helps in making the base of a student stronger. Such websites come in handy when one strives to take a preparation while making the optimum use of time and resources.

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