Credit Transfer Facility Between Institutions in India


Credit TransferThe new system is expected to cover students starting from class nine uptil the post graduation level and may also be extended to PhD courses, depending on the feedback received.

Currently the Indian education system lacks a system wherein credit can be transferred between institutions as it would help the students who switch between the courses of different institutes amidst a current session. This would likely to reduce the number of students who are forced to take a break in their education due to these kinds of unforeseen condition. This is the primary reason; the government of India is going to announce a scheme for credit transfer among institutes on 11th Nov, 2014.

 Human Resource Development Minister Smriti Irani on Wednesday said that the government will launch a new scheme for credit transfer on 11th Nov, a step slated to bring relief to those students, forced to take a break. “Employability or Employment” What should be priorities, addressing at the India Economic Summit, Irani added that our education system currently does not have any system of credit transfers between institutions that was a major issue for those students who have been forced to take a break in their education.

Further stressing on the need to “rejuvenate the teaching profession” and bring back the respect it once enjoyed, She added, that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s address on Teachers’ Day Sep 5 was a step in that direction. She also added that it was hoped that the initiative would “help encourage more young people to turn to the teaching profession as a career”

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