Delhi Govt gives 106% hike for Education budget, India’s First Swaraj Budget


First Time in India, Education budget hiked by 106% by Delhi Govt. The Govt allocated Rs 9836 Cr for Education sector which is 106% over the last budget. Rs 50 crore set aside for Free Wi-Fi in all Private colleges.

The Govt has made a Record propositions for key areas like Health, Education and Transport which is the most essential for people. That will improve the economic balance and assign a healthy lifestyle to the people. 

A healthy, educated citizen is the one who make progress possible. A government can only create an environment for development but people are the one who actually make it a reality : Arvind Kejriwal

aam admi party budgetDelhi Govt Increase 106% in Education Budget and also 43% in Health Sector. 

They want to transform the Aam Admi to perfect manner and Wish Delhi become Firs Corruption Free Sate and Wolrd class Skill center. 

Aam Admi party’s First proposed Annual Budget is Rs 41,129 cr in the sate Assembly, It includes 19000 cr planned and 22,129 cr Non-Planned expenditure. There is an 18% increase in the state budget respect to last year. 

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