What is the Difference between Full time and Part Time MBA Programs ?


What is the difference between Full time MBA and Distance MBA Programs ?

The question was asked by so many students in the web and lot’s of answer is there for the question with different aspects.

The discussion, we consider will cover the bellow aspects.

  1. Mode of learning
  2. Cost Requirement
  3. Job Prospective and Pay Cheque

Mode of Learning:

In the Part time and Full time MBA, most important factor is the mode of learning.

In the Full time MBA programs, candidate access the class room lecture with all amenities of the Institute which is used for accelerate the learning.  It offers class room lecture and networking with pears, which will add the analytic value to the subject. The value of the MBA is all about learning leadership skills, networking, communication and personality development, which can be accrued by the full time MBA only. Administrating the world of business, required competitive knowledge sharpens with Discussion, argument, presentation and balancing the networking among the peers in the institute. Full time MBA program will add more value to the knowledge rather than certification.  

Part time MBA Prorgrams balances your work and Education. It will add value to your career path. Part time MBA program will help you to study Business management for your office need. Most of the institutes are providing Distance MBA with Weekend classes, which will help you to understand the networking and clarify the problems.

Now Online Distance Program will help you by Video classes and simulation exercise. This is a better and added extra advantage to your Part time MBA program.

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Cost Requirement :-

Full time MBA program programs is always costly than the Part time Program, because of Infrastructure requirement for the course. Full time MBA course providing institute will take tuition fees for the classes. The cost of the full time MBA program always factor according to the Brand value of the Institute. In different concept, the Full time MBA program is costly due to add on facility as Study Tour, Laptops and other extracurricular activities.

Part Time MBA programs will not very costly as infrastructure and lecture cost is not involved in this. This only involves Study material, exam and Certification cost.  Some time it adds tuition fees for weekend classes, but is very nominal compared to the Full time MBA program.

 Job prospective:-

Obviously Full time MBA certificate will add more job than Part time certification. For fresher Full time is more important. Respective institute always help the Full time students by placement programs for the Job. Placement cell is only offered to the Full time MBA certificate holder. It’s already proved that, highest pay cheque issued only for the Full time MBA students.

Part time MBA programs will add value to the Existing salary and will help in promotion to the higher category. Most of the part time MBA program is offered to the Experience holder only for that reason. This degree program is always rewarded for the experience holder for better position in the job.

 Consideration of the Full time MBA is always high because, it gives academic education with the networking to understand the real business scenario. But Part time MBA program will give you more education on your context not in the networking view. 

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